keeping the tradition alive

Social media marketing has a lot of commotion that it is the best form of marketing. So much, that it’s making small and medium businesses concerned with their advertising budgets. They have long been pro traditional marketing efforts, especially mom and pop shops. But, social media is affordable and many methods, perceived free. No business […]

merge online and offline marketing efforts

Business owners now have more choices than ever in how they present themselves and reach customers. If you are selling items online, for example, your marketing strategy might very well include a way to appeal to customers worldwide. Most businesses will be targeting customers within one country or even one specific area. One thing is […]

marketing is marketing!

Marketing professionals are in a unique position. In the midst of a massive shift towards social media campaigns and new technologies, experienced marketers are faced with the prospect of needing to wise up to the digital reality or ship out. But is this choice actually necessary? And is the new medium truly creating a different […]

what were you thinking, it’s just a brand

Once upon a time consumers identified with brands and were less willing to take a chance on a similar – or identical – product from a new brand. It was once almost impossible to convince a loyal Buick owner to give a Toyota car a chance, even with a substantially lower sticker price. These days, […]