the impact of net neutrality

Net neutrality, also known as Internet neutrality and Network Neutrality, is the belief that all governments and Internet service providers (ISP’s) should treat all persons and entities equally on the Internet. To put it simply, Net Neutrality allows for an “open Internet.” This principal and commonly shared belief among Internet users world-wide concludes that ISP’s and governments […]

what is awesome content and why do you need it?

Awesome content is quality content that adds value to readers. There are many ways that content is capable of adding value, but it all depends upon the particular message that you’re trying to send to your brand’s audience, and also depends upon the tone that you would like to send your message in. Why do you need […]

a force for the greater good of humanity

B Corporation is making a difference in the world by encouraging organizations to take corporate social responsibility through B Corp. certification one business at a time. B Corp certifications are issued to for-profit companies by the United States based non-profit organization, B Lab. This certification is a result of vigorous assessments and legal requirements, which […]

has social media matured?

Social media has reached a varying level of maturity, but is still in the process of reaching full maturity. Through continuous research and study, experts are seeing the emergence of some patterns, which help to shed some light on this matter. The 2013 release of data made available by the Pivot Conference’s “State of Social […]

the need for a clear vision for sustainability

The sustainability movement is not a complete failure, but there is a struggle to shift from the safety net of the current paradigm, which is bringing the world down, to a brighter new future that is both sustainable and prosperous. Business leaders worldwide are faced with insurmountable challenges when it comes to bringing sustainability to […]

the crossroads of content marketing

We all know the old saying, “what goes up, must come down.” But how exactly does this saying relate to content marketing? Right now, content marketing is exploding and is the hottest marketing trend in the marketing world for small, mid-size and large businesses alike, so what in the world are we talking about here? […]

how to navigate the world of sustainability marketing

Consumers are more connected to instant information, reviews, and product promotion than ever before. They’re also more knowledgeable on important issues like environmental concerns and the need to foster sustainable, ecologically sound practices in the home and at work. It’s the perfect time to be a sustainable company, yet the way that you market yourself as a […]

prepare your business for the new year with these marketing tips

With the rapid and steady approach of 2014, time is ticking down and now is the time to prepare or put the finishing touches on your business’s marketing plan for the New Year. Leverage lessons learned from 2013 as you put your best foot forward making slight key adjustments within your organization. Marketing experts within […]

green business resolutions for 2014

This New Year while everyone is busy making their New Year’s resolutions, why not make a resolution to clean up your business and make 2014 a greener year! Start the year off right by making a vow to do whatever you can to reduce your company’s carbon footprint in the world. There couldn’t be a better time […]

give the gift that keeps on giving – have a green christmas

Going green is important year-round, but it becomes especially important during the holidays due to the fact that between November and December Americans produce 25% more waste than the amount of waste that is normally produced. Considering the amount of waste produced before and after the holidays, this speaksvolumes. There are many things that you can do now to […]

4 last minute tips for your holiday marketing

With the holidays almost upon us, many retailers both online and offline are quickly scrambling for some last minute holiday marketing ideas to grab the attention of those last minute holiday shoppers. The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but they’re also an extremely stressful time of the year for both business owners […]