we must work together to end homelessness now

Homelessness has many faces. Some are older people who have fallen between the cracks of medical or political bureaucracy, while others are lost teens thrown out by their families. Sadly, a large number of the homeless are children whose only fault is being born to parents who cannot provide for them the most basic need: […]

what is the real impact of social media activism

  With the creation of top-named social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, a new wave of social media activist campaign strategies have emerged. With over one million links on Facebook being shared every 20 minutes, and 190 million Tweets posted each day, it is easy to see why activists have turned to social […]

the importance of corporate social responsibility

With the entire world now putting its direct focus on environmental issues and social issues, many businesses both small and large are no longer making profit the main priority. Instead of having their eye on the prize, business leaders have their attention on how their business plays a role in issues surrounding the environment and […]