make it a call-to-interaction

Social media is a brilliant mix of new and old. It takes modern technology and adds the power of human interaction. Interaction is a crucial element of successful promotion for businesses through social media. It’s the one aspect the most successful businesses on social media share through all the platforms. Interacting with customers benefits the business’s bottom-line […]

the mobile story

With the onset of smart phones and the ability to access the Internet from anywhere in the world from a handheld device, contenting marketing has changed. More and more content marketers want to expand into the fresh, new world of mobile content marketing. Marketing for mobile viewers is not the same thing as creating content for a larger screen. […]

2013 signals of digital changes to come

2012 saw quite a bit of flurry when it came to mobile devices, mobile flexibility and lower cost access to technology compared to previous years. With digital tools use becoming so commonplace now, the digital trends of 2013 are now focusing on the maturing use of these tools and how they affect everyday life. Individual […]

tailoring your business to mobile internet-ready devices

Given the wide proliferation of smartphones with Internet capability as well as tablets capable of similar, it’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasing reliant on mobile tools to find what they are looking for. Whether it be a restaurant, a location, store, or a service, mobile devices are now dictating and directing a large […]