business, a new horizon for klout?

Social marketing has the potential to be a huge waste of time or an enormous benefit depending on multiple factors. The number of times an individual is exposed to a brand’s message can be unpredictable unless the message is consistently placed where consumers can see it. The majority of Facebook page posts disappear from within […]

the pros and cons with the lose of online civility

The Internet is a powerful tool. Allowing people to work from home, keep in touch with friends who are far away and shop for the best deals available, the tool that so many people love is also a tricky double-edged sword. In online forums and social networking communities, information can spread rapidly and soon travel […]

social media automation: the pros and cons

Let’s face it, even the most accomplished multitasker isn’t going to be able to keep up with all the platforms aching for fresh content. A realistic solution is social media automation. This time-saving technique allows you to schedule updates and posts across multiple platforms. As with any social media tool, there are pros and cons […]

3 ways progressive companies are embracing the consumer revolution

Millions of businesses are using social media. However, only a select few are using it progressively; only some understand that we are facing a Consumer Revolution – where the consumer has the power and ability to shape your brand. From what I’ve seen, the progressive companies are harnessing and sharing power with the consumer by […]

marketing is marketing!

Marketing professionals are in a unique position. In the midst of a massive shift towards social media campaigns and new technologies, experienced marketers are faced with the prospect of needing to wise up to the digital reality or ship out. But is this choice actually necessary? And is the new medium truly creating a different […]

the steps to the perfect pitch…

Making a sales pitch is one of the most important parts of your business happenings. These are going to be the words to which people hold on, and many of these individuals will either be inspired to choose your company or will be turned away by what you say. How can you craft the perfect […]

whats ahead for online advertising

Happy New Year! Online advertising is on the move. That is to say that the future of online advertising is decidedly mobile. The number of desktop web surfers is dropping. Today’s typical Internet user is connected via tablet or smart phone. Advertisers and marketing campaigns need to flex with the times in order to maintain […]

a guide to your marketing budget

Advertising is a major industry, and for good reason. Businesses cannot flourish if no one ever hears about them. They must get their name under the nose of every consumer, making their business name a household name. As a business owner, you know that this comes at a tremendous price. It’s easy to blow your […]

lots of twitter impressions may be empty promises

Along with other tools in the social media world, a lot of emphasis is put on how many followers hook onto a Twitter account and its related messaging. The follower count is the one metric that provides an obvious measurement of the awareness of the Twitter account and its posts. Not surprisingly, this status then […]

is facebook’s monetization killing off customers?

Now that Facebook actually has to make a reasonable attempt at being a profitable company to shareholders rather than just living off of private investment, it was inevitable that Facebook would eventually begin steps to monetize its Internet product and attraction. However, the way CEO Zuckerberg and company are going about the issue is really […]