engage and grow your twitter following…

Success in social media is as simple as engaging your followers. However, engaging a follower isn’t as easy as it appears.  Nevertheless, through using these quick and easy strategies, you can optimize your tweets and boost the engagement of your followers, resulting in reports that are more advantageous to your company. Schedule Your Tweets Research […]

the steps to the perfect pitch…

Making a sales pitch is one of the most important parts of your business happenings. These are going to be the words to which people hold on, and many of these individuals will either be inspired to choose your company or will be turned away by what you say. How can you craft the perfect […]

lots of twitter impressions may be empty promises

Along with other tools in the social media world, a lot of emphasis is put on how many followers hook onto a Twitter account and its related messaging. The follower count is the one metric that provides an obvious measurement of the awareness of the Twitter account and its posts. Not surprisingly, this status then […]

tailoring your business to mobile internet-ready devices

Given the wide proliferation of smartphones with Internet capability as well as tablets capable of similar, it’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasing reliant on mobile tools to find what they are looking for. Whether it be a restaurant, a location, store, or a service, mobile devices are now dictating and directing a large […]

horizontal marketing versus vertical marketing

When creating a marketing campaign, employing a mix of both vertical marketing and horizontal marketing will best serve your organization. Utilizing both marketing systems will reach a wider range of customers and generate more profits. A vertical market is often called a niche market. This is because a vertical market is composed of a vendor […]

strategies get solutions!

I am sure you are hounded by lots of well-meaning marketing experts who want to help you. However, very few of them get the big picture and therefore the results generally do not meet expectation. Marketing success doesn’t come from dabbling in random ideas and there is no formula or magic potion. Success comes from taking […]

did you include monitoring in you social media strategy?

So you have decided to take your company into the social media stratosphere. You are going to write a Blog, create a Facebook page, and start a Twitter following. I have a question for you, have you included monitoring or taken a look at Google to search what is already the buzz about your company? […]

get in, get comfortable, engage and enjoy.

Top of mind today when seeking social media help, “how do I know if my efforts are paying off?”  Code for, “what is my ROI?” A great question! All business investments, including social media marketing campaigns need some measure of success. However, with social media it is still a little murky. Sure there are all […]