first impressions are everything: a marketers new roi

ROI is a powerful term known to many as the Return on Investment. However, a powerful marketing strategy will focus on other non-monetary returns, such as the ROI – Return on Impressions and the ROE – Return on Engagement. These two have important soft metrics that you can’t ignore because they can help enhance the […]

managing feedback

Successful business owners understand the importance of customer feedback. It is, by far, the best way to discover what the customer wants and needs. This knowledge allows the business owner to more easily customize the service or product to better satisfy each and every customer. Happy customers usually discuss their experience with friends and family, […]

tablets: a perfect fit for rich media

Rich media and tablets go together like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo on “I Love Lucy.” The “I Love Lucy” characters connected with and amused generations of fans with witty humor and embracing the technology of the time. By using the innovative and fun new media technology, tablet marketers and website developers can truly create an […]

technology and the retail experience

Technology has changed daily life in a drastic manner. Our lifestyles and our communication methods have changed. The way we read books has also changed. Everything and everyone has gone “virtual”. All the latest and greatest digital innovations are now bridging the gap between our online and offline lives. Consumer experiences can now be personally […]

tell the story

Human interest is one of the biggest factors in creating a buzz for any product, service, business or person. A big part of creating that human interest is to tell stories. People may not remember a lot of the things they hear, but they do remember good stories. When you’re creating your brand, remember the […]

social media is public education of a company brand

Too often these days companies throw lots of effort and money into social media campaigns, expecting the same sort of results a business would get from traditional advertising and marketing. Then, when things don’t work out as expected, it becomes a big embarrassment and frustration as well as a complete abdication of any use of […]

lots of twitter impressions may be empty promises

Along with other tools in the social media world, a lot of emphasis is put on how many followers hook onto a Twitter account and its related messaging. The follower count is the one metric that provides an obvious measurement of the awareness of the Twitter account and its posts. Not surprisingly, this status then […]

tricks to owning digital shopping

Most people are still buying from brick-and-mortar stores, but e-commerce is starting to gain an edge. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest reason is the level of interactivity. Online stores and websites are more interactive than physical stores, and mobile e-commerce is making it even easier for people to access online […]

the season of giving (online) – make the best of it!

As the months progress, we start preparing for presents and warm winter clothing. There is no time like the present to start planning for the digital holiday campaign. According to recent statistics, Internet users are anticipated to spend around $54 billion this holiday season alone. If these numbers are accurate, the amount of online shopping […]

get mobile in your strategy!

Mobile marketing is an essential factor in today’s business climate. Adding mobile applications (apps) to your website and fully integrating all of your marketing and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provides businesses with another means to really interact with their customer base; it puts the service back into customer service. Currently mobile […]

are you building strong customer relations or is it just social media hype?

For marketers, the hit series Mad Men may inspire nostalgia for a time and it was a relatively long time when marketing mediums were limited to a handful of channels: print, broad- casting, outdoor, and direct. Today, new channels seem to arrive every time we blink. Remember, MySpace and Friendster were at one time big […]