getting used to twitter’s new design and platform changes

If you’re still trying to get used to Twitter’s new platform, you’re not the only one. Many users are lost in the mix of things, but that will change as you get used to the new design. Ironically, it seems that Twitter’s new platform bares a slight resemblance to its rival’s platform – Facebook. It’s […]

is social media a disease waiting to die

This year, a popular topic has been the decline of social media networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Much due to the study of Princeton researchers “Epidemiological Modeling of Online Social Network Dynamics” study, in which they state, “Ideas, like diseases, have been shown to spread infectiously between people before eventually dying out”. From […]

facebook tweaks!

When a social media giant such as Facebook announces they are making a few changes to advertising structures, many people became outraged and opposed. In this outrage, they seem to have forgotten that Facebook is a for profit organization. As a business, Facebook needs to make a profit. Facebook has realized that they are in […]

big data adds real value

Over the years, the world has always had information readily available. We have evolved due to what we have done with that information. Now, companies have found ways to revolutionize the way they do business because of the way big data is processed. Understanding What Big Data Is Big data is defined as the vast […]

“a conversation” with Sean McGinnis

The series marketer2marketer, “a conversation” is a platform for engaging today’s top thought leaders in the world of business, including marketing, branding, social media, public relations, advertising and writing in the digital space. A dialogue of current topics, new technology, new tactics, new ideas and new books. The show, “a conversation” is a one-on-one/two format […]

are your reviews “grassroots” or “astroturfing?”

What exactly is a “grassroots” or “astroturfing” review?  Well, a grassroots review would be considered to be the ethical and authentic review of a product or company’s service that is written based on facts and a factual experience. Grassroots reviews are considered to be real reviews made from real people with no material connection to […]

the evolving cmo

Chief Marketing Officers have seen many changes occur in the past two decades. From the early 90s to now, they have gone from strictly one-way advertising like the ads that you see on TV and the radio, to marginally interactive advertising like you see in the endlessly annoying (and increasingly ignored) banner ads that attempt […]

data mining for gold

Having insightful content is the difference between having content that is sharable and well received, and content that never makes it past your page. We are living in the information age, and the data that you are presented with is becoming ever more complex. If you are collecting a large amount of data, you may […]

editorial content; spark big data

While content marketing is taking over the marketing budgets of everyone from international brands, to small mom and pop local businesses, some still struggle with producing editorial content. The days of purchasing pop up ads and banner ads are gone. Now in order to get the attention of potential customers, you have to rethink your […]

keep the big picture in mind for increased roi

Marketing is undoubtedly a vast activity that comprises of multiple domains like affiliate marketing, online marketing, display advertising, market research, targeting etc. With time, every marketer develops expertise in one of these domains. But from a customer’s perspective, it is one company, one brand name. The number one skill that a marketer needs is to […]