the good and bad of ten years of facebook

After 10 years and with more than a billion active users, Facebook has changed social and business dynamics. Individuals interact differently than they did prior to Facebook and businesses have had to adapt their business models to use this social media platform. For every positive there is a negative to countermand the good and bad […]

instagram pr know-how

Instagram has gained popularity since it started up in 2010. It has grown so fast among social media platforms that its numbers are astonishing: 200 million users per month, with 7.3 million postings a day. With that kind of traffic small and medium sized businesses can achieve public relation points without a lot of effort […]

the press release today…

If you wish to keep your clientele, potential customers and partners well-informed then using a  press release to deliver the relevant message is the vehicle.  The integration of the Internet has caused businesses to create different strategies to communicate with people, particularly in the use of social media to enhance strong communication. Video, podcast and the […]