marketing to young adults by delivering value via mobile technology

Brands are starting to realize that their key target market for technology, consumer packaged goods, and retail lie with millennials. This is the young adult market aged 18 through 24. Brands realize that the way to connect to them is by using interesting and value added content, contributing to the greater good, and being aware […]

the digital wallet is getting fat!

Mobile technology brings consumers and small businesses amazing benefits and features. With apps like Square, Passbook and Google Wallet, your phone may soon be the only thing you have to carry. Consider the many benefits of embracing the digital wallet and mobile payment technology. Capture Every Sale with Mobile Technology Small businesses understand the benefit […]

email vs mobile marketing: which should your company use?

Not long ago, email marketing seemed like the way to grab customers’ attention. Everyone had email accounts, therefore, this seemed like the sensible to reach large numbers of consumers at once. Text messaging soon came along and suddenly mobile marketing seemed like the preferred method to tell consumers what companies had to offer. So, which […]