create targeted profiles

Every great marketing plan involves knowing who your customer is and how to target them. To achieve this, creating a customer profile is essential. A customer profile helps you identify who your customers are as well as their needs and desires. You are able to determine why a customer would buy your products and services. It breaks […]

the squeeze of the marketing dollar

Sales and marketing tactics are the primary instrument for businesses to generate revenue. With that said, during the times, technology has definitely changed, allowing for new methods of marketing. There are now hundreds of applications and social media platforms benefiting greatly from this. This is now the area of digital or content marketing. So, do […]

why social media is a requirement for 2014 and how small businesses can effectively use it.

I know you have heard this time and again  – “social media is here to stay”. In some form or another, it is. Social Media 2006 is far different from the Social Media of 2014 and businesses of all sizes are taking notice. Social media has allowed us to stay connected with friends and relatives […]

expand your small business globally

A small business may feel afraid to take the plunge and expand their brand globally due to the prevalent myth that only the largest and most well-known brands are able to succeed within the global market. They may feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the thought of going global, assuming that it’s too much work. When, in fact, […]

spend more time on the digital real estate you own!

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook in the past several weeks, you’ve probably run across one or two of the following observations, laments or even diatribes: Facebook reach is plummeting … Looks like small businesses are going to have to pay if they want their posts seen on Facebook … Looks like I’m going […]

how to navigate the world of sustainability marketing

Consumers are more connected to instant information, reviews, and product promotion than ever before. They’re also more knowledgeable on important issues like environmental concerns and the need to foster sustainable, ecologically sound practices in the home and at work. It’s the perfect time to be a sustainable company, yet the way that you market yourself as a […]

prepare your business for the new year with these marketing tips

With the rapid and steady approach of 2014, time is ticking down and now is the time to prepare or put the finishing touches on your business’s marketing plan for the New Year. Leverage lessons learned from 2013 as you put your best foot forward making slight key adjustments within your organization. Marketing experts within […]

4 last minute tips for your holiday marketing

With the holidays almost upon us, many retailers both online and offline are quickly scrambling for some last minute holiday marketing ideas to grab the attention of those last minute holiday shoppers. The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but they’re also an extremely stressful time of the year for both business owners […]

strategic content marketing tips for 2014

As 2013 rapidly begins to come to an end, content marketing is alive and well. And now’s the time to start preparing your content marketing strategy for 2014. Gone are the days of expecting consumers to support a brand with one-way marketing techniques. It is now a necessity for marketers to learn how to hone the craft […]

7 steps to get your small business in shape for 2014

With the new year just around the corner, now’s the time to get your small business ship-shape for 2014 by making some important and necessary changes to kick-start the year off right. Build your business’s audience, attract attention and position your small business for success against the big boys with inbound marketing and many more tips. Inbound marketing includes leveraging popular […]

how to tell a story with your content

Story telling is a marketing strategy that has been around for decades in television commercials and advertisements on billboards, etc., but telling a story through content is new to many marketers. With many marketers now putting their focus on content marketing due to the rise of the Internet and the fact that the consumer holds the power […]