vanity and social media – the digital ego boost

Years ago, in order to reach out to a friend or colleague, you would call them, email them, walk over to their cubical, or even send a text message. Now, we reach out via social media networks. To add to that, we ensure that everyone knows how wonderful we are doing, even if at times, […]

define your brand as a selfless leader and not a self-promoter

There is a difference between marketing your brand and living your personal brand. There seems to be some confusion when it comes to personal brand development due to the popularity and dependence of social media for brand promotion. The true meaning of personal brand development has somehow lost its value. While social media is one of the […]

engage customers by leveraging social media

When engaging customers, it’s just as important to reach causal customers who are not passionate about your brand as it is to engage with your loyal customers. This engagement will offer your company a different perspective in comparison to your loyal customers. Engaging with your casual customers allows you to validate feedback from your loyal customers and […]

invigorate your content marketing efforts with slideshare

With the World Wide Web having a firm foothold in marketing, content marketing couldn’t be any more competitive and yet crucial to success of a business’s brand building and customer loyalty efforts. That’s one reason why content marketers need to invigorate their content marketing efforts with a different type of content, like SlideShare. SlideShare is […]

who’s on social?

The face of social media has changed drastically since Friendster in 2002 and the social  giant Facebook, burst onto the scene in 2004. The number and type of social media sites available has grown exponentially. Facebook and Twitter tend to dominate the social networking scene, while sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr facilitate content sharing among social […]

the importance of influence in the marketing role…

Influence is a sometimes elusive trait that can have a great impact on how you are perceived in the public eye. A company can have excellent brand recognition, but to have real influence in the marketplace and use it to the best advantage takes a combination of skill, strategy, and a sometimes unconventional approach to […]

integrating social media into your existing marketing plan.

Regardless of how established your business is, it is vital to embrace the growth of social media marketing. You should still utilize whichever traditional marketing methods have proven themselves to be successful for your business, but ignoring additional branding opportunities, such as those presented by Facebook and Twitter, is the quickest way to stunt your […]

get a little equity for that brand!

    It takes time to build your brand online. You need to invest your dedication and have plenty of patience. The importance of your brand can go a long way in building and maintaining an online reputation, building trust with search engines and consumers. Brand equity is not something that just happens. It takes […]

how is your social authority?

We know that web 2.0 and search engine optimization (SEO) are increasingly converging and the connecting lines are becoming more and more blurred. Social media and SEO increasingly work hand in hand. Links will always be the currency of SEO ensuring rankings. Web 2.0 together with social networking are becoming the relationship side of SEO that […]

get in their face!

We are just getting back in the office after attending an annual conference of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) of which we are members. We were also invited to be part of the program at this event by leading a couple of sessions on social media. Seems a bit ironic but teaching folks how […]

a profile of your value proposition.

The power of LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network displays your skills and core competencies and allows you to be found by hiring managers, recruiters, business prospects and investors. Are you sure you have taken the few steps in setting up your profile to ensure you have increased your odds of getting more than a […]