to share or not to share

  If you’re a small-to-medium business owner who is teetering on the brink jumping into the social media pool but aren’t quite convinced it’s worth a dip, you should know that your competition has probably already taken the plunge. Social media marketing is one of most effective tools available to business owners and managers. However, […]

got the social blues?

When Facebook first opened its shares to the public, there was a widespread belief that Facebook had done what companies like MySpace and Friendster couldn’t: it cemented itself as a social media giant that would stand the test of time. Unfortunately, as Facebook’s shares plummeted, it has become increasingly clear that Facebook is just another […]

utilize the benefits of google+ in 2013

While there are many businesses that understand the power of Google+, there are many others that prefer using Facebook and Twitter due to their familiarity and customer base. While Google+ hasn’t been around as long as these social networks, you will find that Google+ provides analytical and communication tools that will help improve your business’s […]

facebook – does it measure up for brand building?

Branding and marketing via social media can clearly be labeled the modern rage among businesses, large and small. However, its effectiveness in bringing in paying customers is still up in the air. Right before Facebook as a company issued its public stock this year, General Motors decided to withdraw its advertising campaign on the website’s […]