vanity and social media – the digital ego boost

Years ago, in order to reach out to a friend or colleague, you would call them, email them, walk over to their cubical, or even send a text message. Now, we reach out via social media networks. To add to that, we ensure that everyone knows how wonderful we are doing, even if at times, […]

why social media is a requirement for 2014 and how small businesses can effectively use it.

I know you have heard this time and again  – “social media is here to stay”. In some form or another, it is. Social Media 2006 is far different from the Social Media of 2014 and businesses of all sizes are taking notice. Social media has allowed us to stay connected with friends and relatives […]

spend more time on the digital real estate you own!

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook in the past several weeks, you’ve probably run across one or two of the following observations, laments or even diatribes: Facebook reach is plummeting … Looks like small businesses are going to have to pay if they want their posts seen on Facebook … Looks like I’m going […]

build your brand and increase engagement by thinking “community”

When marketers solely focus on the delivery of content, they lose sight of the importance of connecting with people – their audience. You know the old saying, “you can talk the talk, but can you walk the talk.” That old saying sort of applies with building a brand community through engagement. If you have the best information […]

market your content effectively with google+

With social networking on the rise for effective content marketing, Google+ is beginning to gain in popularity amongst its more popular social network platform peers such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, etc. In fact, Google+ now ranks in the number 5 spot within the top 5 most popular social networking platforms for effective content marketing. According to […]

engage customers by leveraging social media

When engaging customers, it’s just as important to reach causal customers who are not passionate about your brand as it is to engage with your loyal customers. This engagement will offer your company a different perspective in comparison to your loyal customers. Engaging with your casual customers allows you to validate feedback from your loyal customers and […]

“a conversation” with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

The series marketer2marketer, “a conversation” is a platform for engaging today’s top thought leaders in the world of business, including marketing, branding, social media, public relations, advertising and writing in the digital space. A dialogue of current topics, new technology, new tactics, new ideas and new books. The show, “a conversation” is a one-on-one/two format […]

google+, business, and success: one stop shopping

One of the most difficult things to do as a business owner is to get your business noticed. Using the tools at hand are the first, and best, step to taking over your niche market.  Taking your business profile to Google+ is one way to get a leg up on the competition and edge your way […]

turn to technology to market your brand by using google+ hangout on air

Google+ Hangout On Air was released in May 2013 for the purpose of integrating marketing strategies with technology for brand promotion. Companies can now set up hangouts to deliver a message to existing and potentially new clientele in order to market a product or service to a wider audience. The use of Google+ Hangout On […]

the dark side of seo

In the past, people could post just about any type of blog posts or articles they wanted and get ranked in Google. Getting to the first page of Google was also much easier and took much less work. Now, with Penguin 2.0 things have changed and SEO has gone to the dark side. This is […]