trends that redefine competition

  Established brick and mortar business CEOs are entering uncharted waters with the digital marketing age and must decide how to approach the challenges involved. There are significant trends that redefine competition that CEOs must recognize and respond to quickly in order to stay relevant not only to potential customers and clients, but to business […]

the rise and fall of brands

Many companies strive to have their brand as a household name, not realizing what that means. Do you say, pass me a bandage or pass me a Band-Aid? Do you reach for a tissue or a Kleenex? Do you search for information on a restaurant or do you Google for the information? While at work, […]

the importance of corporate social responsibility

With the entire world now putting its direct focus on environmental issues and social issues, many businesses both small and large are no longer making profit the main priority. Instead of having their eye on the prize, business leaders have their attention on how their business plays a role in issues surrounding the environment and […]

how to use your business brand to build value with your customers

Your company brand is one of the most vital features of your business and can literally make or break your company. Take a look at Kraft’s recent acquisition of Cadbury for $9.5 billion dollars. This hefty price tag had nothing to do with the market value of the factories, inventory or secret recipes. It had […]

what to do when other brands attack

It’s a fact of life that your brand is more than likely at some point or another, going to suffer the blow of an attack from a competitor. But what you do next and how you handle this attack will either make you or break you. This decision will more than likely permanently label your brand. Do […]

are your reviews “grassroots” or “astroturfing?”

What exactly is a “grassroots” or “astroturfing” review?  Well, a grassroots review would be considered to be the ethical and authentic review of a product or company’s service that is written based on facts and a factual experience. Grassroots reviews are considered to be real reviews made from real people with no material connection to […]

understanding the true value of content

In order to understand the true value of content, you need to focus on the two fundamentals of content marketing instead of numerical values and lingo when trying to convey the importance of this strategy in the marketing world. Many business leaders and CEO’s simply don’t grasp these things, which is why it’s important to […]

improve your brand recall value with social media

Social media has been used for business for almost a decade now. The benefits however, have been questioned continuously. Many naive business people complain that they do not get any traffic or leads directly from social media and hence the effort is waste. Nothing can be farther from truth. The reality is that people do […]

data mining for gold

Having insightful content is the difference between having content that is sharable and well received, and content that never makes it past your page. We are living in the information age, and the data that you are presented with is becoming ever more complex. If you are collecting a large amount of data, you may […]

a guide to branding for the entrepreneur

To have a universally identifiable brand is like the holy grail of business ownership. It’s the marketing concept that makes your business different. It involves everything from the logo to what kind of chairs are put in the dressing room. It’s the process of putting together image and marketing to increase the visibility of your business. Many businesses […]