the multi-author blog issue: is it the right choice for your site?

  There are many different factors that make a blog successful, but one of the most important factors in having a blog that’s engaging, readable, and successful is its content. However, it’s not enough to simply fill your blog with content that interests you, but it’s also vital that you post content that keeps current […]

single-author corporate blogs vs. multi-author corporate blogs

There are pros and cons to both blog author types, but to answer this question, it’s definitely easier to distinguish the success or failure of a blog when there is one author. If the blog is a success, you know that the single author is behind that success. If the blog is a total failure, then […]

blogging for sales!

If your business has had an online presence for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard about blogs. But what exactly are they? A blog is essentially just a website with a collection of posts, usually several paragraphs long or more, geared towards a certain topic. It’s generally written in an informal with a […]

blogging for business

Blogging is a general term used for both personal and business content publishing. Though these days almost everyone has a blog, very few bloggers have actually succeeded to have a loyal subscriber base. Blogging is a good tool for any business who wants to reach out to the global audience. Here is a step by […]

social scoring and its weaknesses

When it comes to new media marketing, the recent buzz tends to be how well you do on social rankings – as in how many followers you have on Twitter and how many “likes” you have on Facebook. Social scoring is the equivalent of a celebrity endorsement, but is this the wrong approach to marketing? Social scoring […]