problems for sustainable farmers

Just about every town in America has a farmers’ market, so maybe you’ve been to one and can appreciate their value. But what many of us do not realize is just what our local farmers go through to bring healthy food to our tables. Sustainable farms, or sustainable agriculture, do not rely on government subsidies, monoculture, […]

merry christmas

Thank you for being part of the community in 2013, your presences brings us joy each and every day! randy bowden –  t | g+ | in | f (image:123RF) The post “merry christmas” appeared first on bowden2bowden blog.

measure the numbers that matter!

Measure the Numbers that Matter Social media is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s tool belt. You can reach more people, engage them, and drive them towards your content than you can with any other advertising method. However, the effects of social media can be a bit more difficult to judge. You […]

is social media breeding narcissism?

There have been a number of studies released about Facebook and the habits of its users suggesting that the king of social media tools allows users to display their narcissism with others while being met with the applause and admiration of “friends.” Other forms of social media, too, allow for an inflated sense of self […]

a guide to your marketing budget

Advertising is a major industry, and for good reason. Businesses cannot flourish if no one ever hears about them. They must get their name under the nose of every consumer, making their business name a household name. As a business owner, you know that this comes at a tremendous price. It’s easy to blow your […]

social scoring and its weaknesses

When it comes to new media marketing, the recent buzz tends to be how well you do on social rankings – as in how many followers you have on Twitter and how many “likes” you have on Facebook. Social scoring is the equivalent of a celebrity endorsement, but is this the wrong approach to marketing? Social scoring […]

the impact of social media on seo

by Kittie Walker Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dead, social media is the new SEO! You read these or variations on them from many marketing and social media experts. Many are just using them as headline bait to get you to click-through to their content. Unfortunately, some are misguided enough to believe their own hype. […]