the mobile story

With the onset of smart phones and the ability to access the Internet from anywhere in the world from a handheld device, contenting marketing has changed. More and more content marketers want to expand into the fresh, new world of mobile content marketing. Marketing for mobile viewers is not the same thing as creating content for a larger screen. […]

turn to technology to market your brand by using google+ hangout on air

Google+ Hangout On Air was released in May 2013 for the purpose of integrating marketing strategies with technology for brand promotion. Companies can now set up hangouts to deliver a message to existing and potentially new clientele in order to market a product or service to a wider audience. The use of Google+ Hangout On […]

invigorate your content marketing efforts with slideshare

With the World Wide Web having a firm foothold in marketing, content marketing couldn’t be any more competitive and yet crucial to success of a business’s brand building and customer loyalty efforts. That’s one reason why content marketers need to invigorate their content marketing efforts with a different type of content, like SlideShare. SlideShare is […]

how to get your content read

Getting your content in front of your present and future customers can be frustrating. After all, if the content isn’t seeing the light of day, it is not doing its job. Business owners need the content to be seen, read and understood for the creation of the content to be worth the effort. Business owners […]

socialize your internal marketing

Wise companies realize that they have both internal and external customers. We all know who the external customers are; they’re the people who buy our products and/or services. We know how to focus our marketing efforts on this group (or at least, we should.) However, many people are less clear about the concept of internal […]

the difference between good words and the right words

Have you ever written a story that you thought was fantastic, evocative and skillfully written, only to have a reader clearly misunderstand your point? Believe it or not, this is quite common in beginning writers. The reason? Oftentimes, many new writers have a world, plot line or idea growing in their imaginations long before putting […]

3 ways progressive companies are embracing the consumer revolution

Millions of businesses are using social media. However, only a select few are using it progressively; only some understand that we are facing a Consumer Revolution – where the consumer has the power and ability to shape your brand. From what I’ve seen, the progressive companies are harnessing and sharing power with the consumer by […]

looking ahead: predictions for public relations trends in 2013

The beginning of each year offers an opportunity to reflect on the current trends shaping each industry, inviting plenty of speculation about the forces that will influence our work in the coming year. The field of public relations is no exception. As 2013 begins, consider the following predictions on what factors will shape our work […]

what were you thinking, it’s just a brand

Once upon a time consumers identified with brands and were less willing to take a chance on a similar – or identical – product from a new brand. It was once almost impossible to convince a loyal Buick owner to give a Toyota car a chance, even with a substantially lower sticker price. These days, […]