the disillusion and disengagement of social media

On an average day, most people dedicate a few hours towards managing their social media accounts; catching up with friends on Facebook, responding to tweets on Twitter, or searching for new recipe ideas on Pinterest are a normal part of many people’s lives. Even businesses dedicate time and resources into managing these accounts and addressing […]

is social media a disease waiting to die

This year, a popular topic has been the decline of social media networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Much due to the study of Princeton researchers “Epidemiological Modeling of Online Social Network Dynamics” study, in which they state, “Ideas, like diseases, have been shown to spread infectiously between people before eventually dying out”. From […]

has social media matured?

Social media has reached a varying level of maturity, but is still in the process of reaching full maturity. Through continuous research and study, experts are seeing the emergence of some patterns, which help to shed some light on this matter. The 2013 release of data made available by the Pivot Conference’s “State of Social […]

market your content effectively with google+

With social networking on the rise for effective content marketing, Google+ is beginning to gain in popularity amongst its more popular social network platform peers such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, etc. In fact, Google+ now ranks in the number 5 spot within the top 5 most popular social networking platforms for effective content marketing. According to […]

google+, business, and success: one stop shopping

One of the most difficult things to do as a business owner is to get your business noticed. Using the tools at hand are the first, and best, step to taking over your niche market.  Taking your business profile to Google+ is one way to get a leg up on the competition and edge your way […]

turn to technology to market your brand by using google+ hangout on air

Google+ Hangout On Air was released in May 2013 for the purpose of integrating marketing strategies with technology for brand promotion. Companies can now set up hangouts to deliver a message to existing and potentially new clientele in order to market a product or service to a wider audience. The use of Google+ Hangout On […]

google+ is growing it’s influence

Social networking sites may be the most popular Internet trend of the last five years. Almost everyone uses some form of social networking, be it Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or YouTube. Although social media sites were once considered trendy, it has become clear that these sites are more than just a passing trend. Social media sites […]

get your social media right: 3 secret strategies for successful social branding

Social media is a relatively new concept. However, social media has had a profound impact on society and marketing efforts, especially as of late. However, the potential behind this phenomenon remains largely untapped as many brands don’t fully understand the medium. The first thing marketers need to realize is that social media isn’t really media. […]

is social media breeding narcissism?

There have been a number of studies released about Facebook and the habits of its users suggesting that the king of social media tools allows users to display their narcissism with others while being met with the applause and admiration of “friends.” Other forms of social media, too, allow for an inflated sense of self […]

who’s on social?

The face of social media has changed drastically since Friendster in 2002 and the social  giant Facebook, burst onto the scene in 2004. The number and type of social media sites available has grown exponentially. Facebook and Twitter tend to dominate the social networking scene, while sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr facilitate content sharing among social […]

got the social blues?

When Facebook first opened its shares to the public, there was a widespread belief that Facebook had done what companies like MySpace and Friendster couldn’t: it cemented itself as a social media giant that would stand the test of time. Unfortunately, as Facebook’s shares plummeted, it has become increasingly clear that Facebook is just another […]