why social media is a requirement for 2014 and how small businesses can effectively use it.

I know you have heard this time and again  – “social media is here to stay”. In some form or another, it is. Social Media 2006 is far different from the Social Media of 2014 and businesses of all sizes are taking notice. Social media has allowed us to stay connected with friends and relatives […]

strategic content marketing tips for 2014

As 2013 rapidly begins to come to an end, content marketing is alive and well. And now’s the time to start preparing your content marketing strategy for 2014. Gone are the days of expecting consumers to support a brand with one-way marketing techniques. It is now a necessity for marketers to learn how to hone the craft […]

“a conversation” with Joe Pulizzi

The series marketer2marketer, “a conversation” is a platform for engaging today’s top thought leaders in the world of business, including marketing, branding, social media, public relations, advertising and writing in the digital space. A dialogue of current topics, new technology, new tactics, new ideas and new books. The show, “a conversation” is a one-on-one/two format […]

digital marketing is both crucial and challenging for marketers

During the rise of the Internet, the worldwide web has taken the power from companies and turned it over to the consumer. Consumers are completely in control and are increasingly tech savvy with an access to an abundance of information and connections. Due to this newfound access of information, consumers now expect more from brands […]

build your brand and increase engagement by thinking “community”

When marketers solely focus on the delivery of content, they lose sight of the importance of connecting with people – their audience. You know the old saying, “you can talk the talk, but can you walk the talk.” That old saying sort of applies with building a brand community through engagement. If you have the best information […]

market your content effectively with google+

With social networking on the rise for effective content marketing, Google+ is beginning to gain in popularity amongst its more popular social network platform peers such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, etc. In fact, Google+ now ranks in the number 5 spot within the top 5 most popular social networking platforms for effective content marketing. According to […]

is follow friday becoming a thing of the past?

You know the old saying…be a leader, not a follower. It seems that in the past two years many people – not all, but many – have either never found Follow Friday to be useful to them or those that have used it have now chosen to simply opt out due to the fact that they no […]

use these steps for your content strategy

If you want to have your voice heard in the on-line world and stand out from the crowd without blending in with all of the on-line noise, you’ll need to have a good content strategy. Creating a content strategy can be thoroughly confusing, but once you learn to grasp every aspect of its process, you […]

how to use your business brand to build value with your customers

Your company brand is one of the most vital features of your business and can literally make or break your company. Take a look at Kraft’s recent acquisition of Cadbury for $9.5 billion dollars. This hefty price tag had nothing to do with the market value of the factories, inventory or secret recipes. It had […]

what to do when other brands attack

It’s a fact of life that your brand is more than likely at some point or another, going to suffer the blow of an attack from a competitor. But what you do next and how you handle this attack will either make you or break you. This decision will more than likely permanently label your brand. Do […]