how to master your storytelling to create successful content marketing

  Content marketing is a term that is used a lot with online marketing strategies. Everyone one seems to have their own opinion about what type of content works and what does not work. However, one thing is certain, if you can write content that resonates with the consumers, you will find success. Therefore, if […]

how to build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is frequently discussed in the business world for good reason; a person who is willing to conduct repeat business with your company is of more value than one who vanishes after a single transaction. For this reason it is important to reward repeat customers and create loyalty to your company. The Importance of […]

how to entice the generation y group to spread your company brand

The generation Y group, often referred to as the millennials, are quickly becoming the targeted group for marketing for businesses throughout the world. This selective targeting may be caused by the fact that the generation Y group is responsible for more than $600 billion in sales every year, or the fact that their numbers are […]

“a conversation” with Rebekah Radice

This week we talk with Rebekah Radice about social media and digital marketing strategy. Rebekah is the founder of Rebekah Radice, LLC and has a history of working with Fortune 500 organizations as well as entrepreneurs, helping each one build winning teams, brands and businesses. She has headed social media campaigns for companies such as […]

has social media matured?

Social media has reached a varying level of maturity, but is still in the process of reaching full maturity. Through continuous research and study, experts are seeing the emergence of some patterns, which help to shed some light on this matter. The 2013 release of data made available by the Pivot Conference’s “State of Social […]

market your content effectively with google+

With social networking on the rise for effective content marketing, Google+ is beginning to gain in popularity amongst its more popular social network platform peers such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, etc. In fact, Google+ now ranks in the number 5 spot within the top 5 most popular social networking platforms for effective content marketing. According to […]

are your reviews “grassroots” or “astroturfing?”

What exactly is a “grassroots” or “astroturfing” review?  Well, a grassroots review would be considered to be the ethical and authentic review of a product or company’s service that is written based on facts and a factual experience. Grassroots reviews are considered to be real reviews made from real people with no material connection to […]

lifecycle marketing: understanding the value of your existing customers

As you hit the Internet looking for the greatest way to find more customers, it’s kind of easy to forget about the one you already have. That’s the thing with marketing; 95 percent of the stuff about marketing deals with getting new customers rather than keeping the ones a business has already gained. Lifecycle marketing […]

invigorate your content marketing efforts with slideshare

With the World Wide Web having a firm foothold in marketing, content marketing couldn’t be any more competitive and yet crucial to success of a business’s brand building and customer loyalty efforts. That’s one reason why content marketers need to invigorate their content marketing efforts with a different type of content, like SlideShare. SlideShare is […]

measure the numbers that matter!

Measure the Numbers that Matter Social media is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s tool belt. You can reach more people, engage them, and drive them towards your content than you can with any other advertising method. However, the effects of social media can be a bit more difficult to judge. You […]

business, a new horizon for klout?

Social marketing has the potential to be a huge waste of time or an enormous benefit depending on multiple factors. The number of times an individual is exposed to a brand’s message can be unpredictable unless the message is consistently placed where consumers can see it. The majority of Facebook page posts disappear from within […]