the disillusion and disengagement of social media

On an average day, most people dedicate a few hours towards managing their social media accounts; catching up with friends on Facebook, responding to tweets on Twitter, or searching for new recipe ideas on Pinterest are a normal part of many people’s lives. Even businesses dedicate time and resources into managing these accounts and addressing […]

selfies – the rise of our narcissistic behavior

Facebook and MySpace have coerced us to posting our profile picture in the beginning of the social media profile era. Most of us were not ready to share our personal photo with the world, lest known start showing ourselves on a daily basis. Nonetheless, we all have given in and posted our profile picture so […]

vanity and social media – the digital ego boost

Years ago, in order to reach out to a friend or colleague, you would call them, email them, walk over to their cubical, or even send a text message. Now, we reach out via social media networks. To add to that, we ensure that everyone knows how wonderful we are doing, even if at times, […]

define your brand as a selfless leader and not a self-promoter

There is a difference between marketing your brand and living your personal brand. There seems to be some confusion when it comes to personal brand development due to the popularity and dependence of social media for brand promotion. The true meaning of personal brand development has somehow lost its value. While social media is one of the […]

brand integrity is integral

In this world, building a trustworthy and worthwhile brand can be like a minefield. Building the strongest brand possible for your business, or the re-branding of your existing one is no easy task. Every action that is taken has to have the big picture in mind, and be focused on your target audience. Today people […]

the brand culture

From the moment of our birth, to the day of our demise, branding has and will continue to influence our personal and business decisions in ways so subtle that they hardly seem to be noticed.  But these subtle brushes with branding do affect us, and when successfully done, will bring about change.   Think of […]

is social media breeding narcissism?

There have been a number of studies released about Facebook and the habits of its users suggesting that the king of social media tools allows users to display their narcissism with others while being met with the applause and admiration of “friends.” Other forms of social media, too, allow for an inflated sense of self […]

the pros and cons with the lose of online civility

The Internet is a powerful tool. Allowing people to work from home, keep in touch with friends who are far away and shop for the best deals available, the tool that so many people love is also a tricky double-edged sword. In online forums and social networking communities, information can spread rapidly and soon travel […]

social scoring and its weaknesses

When it comes to new media marketing, the recent buzz tends to be how well you do on social rankings – as in how many followers you have on Twitter and how many “likes” you have on Facebook. Social scoring is the equivalent of a celebrity endorsement, but is this the wrong approach to marketing? Social scoring […]

reveal your genuine self! (part 2)

Being genuine is not something you should try to simulate, but rather it is about being yourself and showing others the real you. We often take on many roles in a variety of situations for a number of reasons. If you were to meet someone at a conference, you will probably perceive him or her […]

it is a must for you, to be you! (part 1)

Whenever you are placed in front of a potential customer, you have to remember that you are not just selling them a product or service, but you are also selling them yourself. Customers will often feel a sense of comfort and trust when they feel comfortable with you and what you have to offer them. […]