big data adds real value

Over the years, the world has always had information readily available. We have evolved due to what we have done with that information. Now, companies have found ways to revolutionize the way they do business because of the way big data is processed. Understanding What Big Data Is Big data is defined as the vast […]

prepare your business for the new year with these marketing tips

With the rapid and steady approach of 2014, time is ticking down and now is the time to prepare or put the finishing touches on your business’s marketing plan for the New Year. Leverage lessons learned from 2013 as you put your best foot forward making slight key adjustments within your organization. Marketing experts within […]

getting your 2014 marketing budget ready for action

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to not only prepare your marketing budget for 2014, but to also reflect on your achievements and challenges faced in 2013. Are you ready for 2014? Strategically planning your 2014 marketing budget is critical if you want to achieve marketing goals such as leads, opportunities […]

7 steps to get your small business in shape for 2014

With the new year just around the corner, now’s the time to get your small business ship-shape for 2014 by making some important and necessary changes to kick-start the year off right. Build your business’s audience, attract attention and position your small business for success against the big boys with inbound marketing and many more tips. Inbound marketing includes leveraging popular […]

the evolving cmo

Chief Marketing Officers have seen many changes occur in the past two decades. From the early 90s to now, they have gone from strictly one-way advertising like the ads that you see on TV and the radio, to marginally interactive advertising like you see in the endlessly annoying (and increasingly ignored) banner ads that attempt […]

data mining for gold

Having insightful content is the difference between having content that is sharable and well received, and content that never makes it past your page. We are living in the information age, and the data that you are presented with is becoming ever more complex. If you are collecting a large amount of data, you may […]

“a conversation” with Andrew Jenkins

The series “marketer2marketer, a conversation” is a platform for engaging today’s top thought leaders in the world of business, including marketing, branding, social media, public relations, advertising and writing in the digital space. A dialogue of current topics, new technology, new tactics, new ideas and new books. The show, “a conversation” is a one-on-one/two format […]

the steps to the perfect pitch…

Making a sales pitch is one of the most important parts of your business happenings. These are going to be the words to which people hold on, and many of these individuals will either be inspired to choose your company or will be turned away by what you say. How can you craft the perfect […]

what were you thinking, it’s just a brand

Once upon a time consumers identified with brands and were less willing to take a chance on a similar – or identical – product from a new brand. It was once almost impossible to convince a loyal Buick owner to give a Toyota car a chance, even with a substantially lower sticker price. These days, […]

strategies get solutions!

I am sure you are hounded by lots of well-meaning marketing experts who want to help you. However, very few of them get the big picture and therefore the results generally do not meet expectation. Marketing success doesn’t come from dabbling in random ideas and there is no formula or magic potion. Success comes from taking […]

focus groups – pros and cons.

A focus group is a method used in the context of a marketing strategy where a group of individuals are offered a certain scenario and provide their opinions, beliefs and perceptions to reveal their attitudes concerning a concept, product, advertisement, service, idea, or a type of packaging. Typically, a group is invited to participate based […]