the importance of performance testing your web site or blog’s content

Content performance testing is a process used by content marketers to help enable them to identify any potential optimization opportunities as well as any advantages for audience targeting and engagement. There are two common techniques used during this process and they are A/B testing — also known as “split testing” — and multivariate testing (MVT). Multivariate testing is […]

brand development in 4 steps

Marketing often talks about brand development as a critical step in moving a company beyond a specific product or service and making it a solution to a need in consumers’ minds. However, the actual process of brand development itself isn’t always clear. Many small businesses learn it the hard way, stumbling through advertising, then creating […]

whats ahead for online advertising

Happy New Year! Online advertising is on the move. That is to say that the future of online advertising is decidedly mobile. The number of desktop web surfers is dropping. Today’s typical Internet user is connected via tablet or smart phone. Advertisers and marketing campaigns need to flex with the times in order to maintain […]

tailoring your business to mobile internet-ready devices

Given the wide proliferation of smartphones with Internet capability as well as tablets capable of similar, it’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasing reliant on mobile tools to find what they are looking for. Whether it be a restaurant, a location, store, or a service, mobile devices are now dictating and directing a large […]