4 last minute tips for your holiday marketing

With the holidays almost upon us, many retailers both online and offline are quickly scrambling for some last minute holiday marketing ideas to grab the attention of those last minute holiday shoppers. The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but they’re also an extremely stressful time of the year for both business owners […]

providing valuable content that delivers

The art of creating valuable content can make or break any website. Many organizations and businesses have established websites for the sole purpose of providing information about their products and services. That information has to be supplied in a way that creates value for the reader. It all starts with first developing a content plan. […]

grab your market one small chunk at a time

The psychological term is “chunking.”  It is a phenomenon that explains the human condition of short and long-term memory retention.  The human brain is a complex beast and we humans have yet to fully figure it out or harness its full potential.  Chunking references our brain’s ability to store only so much information into our […]

how to create a work environment that nurtures innovation

Creating a work environment that encourages creativity while still maintaining some sort of order and adherence to company policy isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, you can’t let one person bend the rules to the breaking point without running the risk of discouraging other employees. How do you encourage “out-of-the-box” thinking without ending […]

business, a new horizon for klout?

Social marketing has the potential to be a huge waste of time or an enormous benefit depending on multiple factors. The number of times an individual is exposed to a brand’s message can be unpredictable unless the message is consistently placed where consumers can see it. The majority of Facebook page posts disappear from within […]

tablets: a perfect fit for rich media

Rich media and tablets go together like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo on “I Love Lucy.” The “I Love Lucy” characters connected with and amused generations of fans with witty humor and embracing the technology of the time. By using the innovative and fun new media technology, tablet marketers and website developers can truly create an […]

technology and the retail experience

Technology has changed daily life in a drastic manner. Our lifestyles and our communication methods have changed. The way we read books has also changed. Everything and everyone has gone “virtual”. All the latest and greatest digital innovations are now bridging the gap between our online and offline lives. Consumer experiences can now be personally […]

brand development in 4 steps

Marketing often talks about brand development as a critical step in moving a company beyond a specific product or service and making it a solution to a need in consumers’ minds. However, the actual process of brand development itself isn’t always clear. Many small businesses learn it the hard way, stumbling through advertising, then creating […]

explode your marketing (3of3)

Content marketers design campaigns with the hope that someone online will pick it up, that the content will go viral and explode across the Internet. That focus on high quality, relevant content produces dynamite marketing material. Effective content goes a step further, converting consumers into participants actively seeking out information about the company’s brand, putting […]

light the fuse to your marketing (2of3)

Good content marketing never trades relevance for flash, but consumers experiencing a dynamite marketing mix expect an immediate payoff for the time they’ve invested in learning about the company’s product. Consumers who’ve had their interest sparked by following a paid advertisement to the company website wish to have their action rewarded with an attractive and clever […]

add media dynamite to your marketing (1of3)

Creating a volatile and rewarding mix for content marketing results in dynamite advertising potential. This marketing mix creates a well-rounded campaign, where each stage of advertising progressively converts consumers. Paid advertising is the most approachable form of content marketing; it’s like handing the consumer a match and a stick of dynamite, the initial point of […]