how to use your business brand to build value with your customers

Your company brand is one of the most vital features of your business and can literally make or break your company. Take a look at Kraft’s recent acquisition of Cadbury for $9.5 billion dollars. This hefty price tag had nothing to do with the market value of the factories, inventory or secret recipes. It had […]

a guide to branding for the entrepreneur

To have a universally identifiable brand is like the holy grail of business ownership. It’s the marketing concept that makes your business different. It involves everything from the logo to what kind of chairs are put in the dressing room. It’s the process of putting together image and marketing to increase the visibility of your business. Many businesses […]

first impression of your brand

Consider every customer, who walks into your establishment, a first date. As he or she visits your website or physical store, the customer makes similar judgments as two potential mates at a first meeting. The customer takes in the presentation of your business, the personality behind the counter, the appearance of your website and other […]

the importance of protecting your brand.

The Internet makes it easier for businesses to get the word out about their products and services, but it also makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals all over the world to steal ideas or to damage your company’s reputation. Protecting your brand should be an important aspect of your overall business model, regardless of the […]

me and my brand.

We have found that branding is something small to mid-size business owners rarely consider or often think of as being reserved for major corporations. Branding is every bit as important for small to mid-size firms. It exists whether a business owner is aware or not. Do you know what your brand says about you? What do […]

did you include monitoring in you social media strategy?

So you have decided to take your company into the social media stratosphere. You are going to write a Blog, create a Facebook page, and start a Twitter following. I have a question for you, have you included monitoring or taken a look at Google to search what is already the buzz about your company? […]