when social becomes business

At one time businesses became social to sell products. Now social has become a business to sell products. Influencing is an approach available to both individuals and businesses in order to help promote their product either to other businesses (B2B) or to consumers (B2C). Influencing is essentially a building of relationships with other influencers to ultimately sell […]

messaging and marketing for millennials

Marketing to millennials (those born roughly between the late 70s to the late 90s) can be difficult because they’ve grown up surrounded by heavy advertising and marketing. They’ve built up an immunity to ordinary advertising, and are cynical about what they see as marketers’ attempts to exploit them. Successfully marketing to millennials, therefore, requires a […]

reveal your genuine self! (part 2)

Being genuine is not something you should try to simulate, but rather it is about being yourself and showing others the real you. We often take on many roles in a variety of situations for a number of reasons. If you were to meet someone at a conference, you will probably perceive him or her […]

it is a must for you, to be you! (part 1)

Whenever you are placed in front of a potential customer, you have to remember that you are not just selling them a product or service, but you are also selling them yourself. Customers will often feel a sense of comfort and trust when they feel comfortable with you and what you have to offer them. […]

the season of giving (online) – make the best of it!

As the months progress, we start preparing for presents and warm winter clothing. There is no time like the present to start planning for the digital holiday campaign. According to recent statistics, Internet users are anticipated to spend around $54 billion this holiday season alone. If these numbers are accurate, the amount of online shopping […]

brand building through the lens…

  The Internet is an extremely visual medium, and it is becoming more imperative than ever to utilize images to enhance the quality of your branding efforts. Social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are completely built around the concept of letting users share images, and they are quickly becoming two of the largest […]

tweet for your brand with hashtags!

Many businesses have heard that Twitter can play a role in how they market their brand. However, it is not always clear how Twitter can be used in comparison to Facebook and other social media tools. When not used properly, marketers cannot expect to receive a high ROI with their Twitter accounts. Using Hashtags  One […]

the effects on branding in the digital age…

The digital age has not made the basic principles of brand building obsolete. The core concepts are still being practiced with just a few tweaks. Branding is still based on the consumers or the target market. The brand still needs to stand for something that is meaningful and valuable for the customers. You are still […]

the importance of influence in the marketing role…

Influence is a sometimes elusive trait that can have a great impact on how you are perceived in the public eye. A company can have excellent brand recognition, but to have real influence in the marketplace and use it to the best advantage takes a combination of skill, strategy, and a sometimes unconventional approach to […]

integrating social media into your existing marketing plan.

Regardless of how established your business is, it is vital to embrace the growth of social media marketing. You should still utilize whichever traditional marketing methods have proven themselves to be successful for your business, but ignoring additional branding opportunities, such as those presented by Facebook and Twitter, is the quickest way to stunt your […]