some companies will have a poor experience with their social media consultants!

There has been a constant barrage of posts bemoaning the proliferation of self-proclaimed social media experts on sites like Twitter and Facebook. According to AdAge, over 181,000 people on Twitter claimed to be a social media consultant, expert, marketer, professional, etc., in their profile. This has led to much hand-wringing and complaining among social media […]

the importance of influence in the marketing role…

Influence is a sometimes elusive trait that can have a great impact on how you are perceived in the public eye. A company can have excellent brand recognition, but to have real influence in the marketplace and use it to the best advantage takes a combination of skill, strategy, and a sometimes unconventional approach to […]

virtual works!

We’ve been asked before… why does b2b use a virtual team? There are a few really good answers to that question and I will share with you what we have experienced at b2b with utilizing the virtual world. At b2b we have assembled a group of talented, creative specialist entirely based on their skill and […]

are you a creative type?

Think you have what it takes to oversee the creative image and presentation of a company. When one hears or thinks of the position of Creative Director, advertising agencies and media companies come to mine, but other companies employ them to manage the brand of the organization. Creative Directors are typically treated as part of the […]

old marketing is now new!

I see and read advertisements on Facebook and other Social sites about upcoming workshops that are promoting Traditional Marketing is dead! Really? My guess is the people “only” pushing online social media are social media consultants who because of their niche or boutique business plan may be lacking some of the basic skills to succeed […]

get in, get comfortable, engage and enjoy.

Top of mind today when seeking social media help, “how do I know if my efforts are paying off?”  Code for, “what is my ROI?” A great question! All business investments, including social media marketing campaigns need some measure of success. However, with social media it is still a little murky. Sure there are all […]

you have to be there!

Social media for your business allows you to connect to your target market in real-time. You can focus on the now and the next. In today’s digital world decisions move faster than ever. Today success or not could be just a few tweets or posts away! What’s your strategy for the next quarter or through […]

are you customer – centric?

Do you have a philosophy that is customer – centric? Do your clients’ needs drive everything you do? Instead of just pushing undifferentiated work through your shop, does your staff take personal responsibility for achieving the clients’ goals? Everyone in the production process – beginning to end, top to bottom – has a vested interest […]

do i need a virtual marketer?

In business today a paradigm shift is occurring and the current economy has shifted it into overdrive. Small to mid-sized companies are turning to virtual consultants to perform many duties of a full-time marketing department and realizing the benefits at half the costs. The advantages of hiring a virtual consultant go straight to the bottom line […]

why creative, brand, strategy?

A couple of years back we had an idea to start this little consultancy firm that would reach out and help the small to medium businesses tell their story. Helping with the most needed and often overlooked marketing efforts of getting the word out. As we developed our business plan it became clear that many […]

the pain in social media!

If you have not yet taken the much-needed plunge into the social media soup bowl, go ahead and jump! What are you waiting on? Why are you resisting? It is here, to stay and is how everyone connects and will connect. However, a few words about the platform that you may not have considered and […]