trends that redefine competition

  Established brick and mortar business CEOs are entering uncharted waters with the digital marketing age and must decide how to approach the challenges involved. There are significant trends that redefine competition that CEOs must recognize and respond to quickly in order to stay relevant not only to potential customers and clients, but to business […]

creating loyal employees for company longevity

Getting your employees on the same page when it comes to sustaining the organization takes quite a bit of work the culture is not conducive to forming a team. Employees like to feel appreciated and valued, which goes a long way. What are some other ways to get employee buy-in to help sustain an organization? […]

are we doing enough for sustainability?

According to a recent study conducted by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and Accenture Management Consulting where 1,000 global CEO’s were asked questions regarding their communities implementation of sustainability, more than 67% of these CEO’s feel like business is not doing enough in regards to addressing global sustainability issues. Sadly, only a small 15% of CEO’s […]

goals, strategy and tactics: determining how to define business direction

Understanding the difference between strategy and tactics is paramount to making clear marketing decisions that will guide your organization. Without a strategic vision and the attendant tactical decisions that will implement that strategy, an organization is floating along without a clear direction and no real way to meet business goals, which are the first step […]

how to create a work environment that nurtures innovation

Creating a work environment that encourages creativity while still maintaining some sort of order and adherence to company policy isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, you can’t let one person bend the rules to the breaking point without running the risk of discouraging other employees. How do you encourage “out-of-the-box” thinking without ending […]

the steve jobs style of winning!

The late Steve Jobs was a brilliant visionary and one of the most astute business people who ever lived. He was so good he made it look easy, but behind the scenes there was a lot of hard work and a few guiding principles that can help any business owner become more successful. Never settle […]