my list ☞ 5 ladies that speak to me


List, list, list are always flowing and are a popularity contests. We do see the same people over and over, but there is a reason. Many are doing the work that inspires the masses, they are keeping in-touch with the current and they are themselves.

I have taken a bit of a sabbatical from my writing the last few weeks, taking a vacation (I’m writing this from Little St. Simons Island) that has allowed me the time to read, really read. To catch up on bookmarks and study. So, I wanted to take a moment and recognize people who speak to me, they share straight talk about the tactics, strategy and the vibe of the marketing craft today. This is a simple list of the women who come to my mind when asked who do you read, who walks the walk, who knows it!

☞ 5 ladies that speak to me

Shelly Kramer

Shelly has over 20 years experience in marketing and is the Founder and CEO of V3 Integrated Marketing, a full service digital marketing firm. Her company blog has been named one of the Top 20 Best Marketing + Social Media Blogs by Forbes, and has been honored by PostRank as one of the top marketing blogs. She has also been named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers and on of the 150 Most Influential Women on Twitter.

@shellykramer   V3 Blog

Ann Handley

Ann is Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, not just a blog to follow, but a necessary tool in your marketing toolbox. If you are interested in content marketing, how and why it applies within business strategies, then Marketing Profs is a must. Ann is a co-author of  “Content Rules” and author of the soon to be released “Everybody Writes.”


Gini Dietrich

Spin Sucks! It’s Gini’s style that she shares with transparency. She says it like it is, or at least as she thinks it is, and she bases her arguments on solid observation and real-life experience. Her topics cover content marketing and social media for Public Relations professionals. Gini is the co-author of “Marketing in the Round” and author of her new release “Spin Sucks.” Any marketer will appreciate the tips and knowledge shared.

@GiniDietrich   Spin Sucks

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

A speaker, writer, attorney and educator. Kerry specializes in new media law, and has taught courses in marketing law, intellectual property, and business. Currently she is Instructional Design Manager, Enterprise Training, at Marketing Profs and hosts the weekly podcast Marketing Smarts. A contributor to {grow} blog,, Spin Sucks, Social Media Explorer and more.

@KerryGorgone   Marketing Smarts

Jessica Ann

Jessica Ann has history of telling stories across all major media platforms. Leading high-level initiatives for national media companies like XM Radio and NBC Newschannel. She now runs her own digital agency, Jessica Ann Media. Jessica believes that it isn’t about her or a media company, it’s about you and the opportunities that you create. It’s about harnessing the human heart of your brand so that you can find the freedom you deserve. She says “the smartest businesses are human.”

@itsjessicann   Jessica Ann Media

☞ more ladies that speak to me

As I said, list are popularity contests for the most part and the 5 above are popular to me. However, there are plenty more that speak to me and could easily be listed. In no particular order here are a few more that walk the talk… Kathi KruseBrooke Ballard, Janet FoutsRebekah RadiceShonali BurkeLaura ClickJessica DewellDorien Morin-van Dam, Mandy Edwards, and Jennifer Kane.

Who do you relate with, who speaks to you? If you have not connected with the ladies above take a look and if you have more inspiring women in the trade please share.

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16 thoughts on “my list ☞ 5 ladies that speak to me

  1. LOVE that you highlighted ladies! (I’m probably biased being female and all.) I’m familiar with 99% of these ladies, and will certainly take your recommendation to follow the few that I’m not. Thanks for the shout out, too. ;-)

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  4. You highlighted five highly intelligent and classy ladies, Randy! I’m a big fan of all them – including some of the others in your footnotes. There are a few of those I don’t know, so I’ll have to connect with them. And, thanks for the shout out too! Awfully kind! :)

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