we must work together to end homelessness now


Homelessness has many faces. Some are older people who have fallen between the cracks of medical or political bureaucracy, while others are lost teens thrown out by their families. Sadly, a large number of the homeless are children whose only fault is being born to parents who cannot provide for them the most basic need: Shelter.

We can end that now through action with 100Khomes.org. They put together an intelligent manifesto to bring about the end of homelessness and they have created an efficient plan to make it happen. But, they need all of us to work together and contribute to the cause to make it happen.

The cost of homelessness does not only affect the homeless directly, it also affects business, the middle-class, U.S. economy and competitiveness among the other nations of the world. If we work together using the ideas of 100khomes, we can slow down the damage that had already begun. We can turn around the damage to our economy and alleviate the burden of poverty felt by its victims.

100Khomes.org has an exciting goal to provide homes for 100,000 homeless individuals and families by July of 2014. You can go to their website to donate funds or learn other ways to get involved. As of June 2014 they have already exceeded their goal by 1,168 people, including more than 31,000 veterans.

Why does homelessness happen?

Each community has different approaches for dealing with homelessness. In many cases the different offices and charities are working alone. This often results in overwork for individual counsellors and lack of adequate funding. The homeless don’t know about the various types of help available to them with only a few offices working alone who may not even know about each other. So far there are 238 communities in the U.S helping house the homeless through 100khomes.

Their key objective is to help these various groups and offices that want to help the homeless by creating a work a network for them to work together. In this way they can follow-up the help provided to individuals and ensure that no one is left alone to struggle.

Instead of focusing on one factor or another for each person or family, the various groups can find out what services are directly needed for each person seeking help. The first point of assistance is to provide a permanent home so that the homeless will have stability and security to attend to their other needs.

The financial cost of homelessness.

Some of the side-effects of homelessness is poor health, poor education, and lack of work experience. The U.S. spends more money on healthcare for the homeless than they do on providing permanent shelter. That reverse thinking is not effective. A person who gets health care but still has no home will continue to need healthcare due to exposure, poor nutrition, and lack of other services. The money spent on healthcare effectively reduces resources the government could better use for economic growth.

Homelessness weakens the middle-class. During the most recent recession, a larger number of middle-class workers lost their jobs and eventually their homes. As a whole, middle-class people who have never experienced poverty in their lives did not even know where to look for assistance. Most services are offered for those who live in abject poverty. The services required for middle-class homeless are different from for those who are homeless due to poor education or health conditions.

Finally, homelessness reduces the ability of the USA to compete with other nations for economic gains. Lack of education, training, and skills in the U.S. causes manufacturers and other businesses to look elsewhere for their interests.

Businesses and individuals now have a means to help end homelessness with 100khomes.org. Contact their offices to learn how you can get your community involved.

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4 thoughts on “we must work together to end homelessness now

  1. Thanks for this article, Randy.
    Homelessness is a hot topic in our country as well. The area in Montreal I live in is particularly affected as every summer many (mostly) young people migrate to the streets of the Village and Old Montreal areas to enjoy open air festivals and the kindness of tourists.

    It’s a disgrace that in such wealthy countries as we live in, we tolerant this. Much of the blame is the lack of vision from our political leaders as well as the judgement that ‘the poor deserve what they get if they can’t get off their ass and find a job.’

    The cure for homelessness are homes.
    The cost, billions in avoidable health care and loss investment.

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