the multi-author blog issue: is it the right choice for your site?



There are many different factors that make a blog successful, but one of the most important factors in having a blog that’s engaging, readable, and successful is its content. However, it’s not enough to simply fill your blog with content that interests you, but it’s also vital that you post content that keeps current readers interested and help you to gain new readers. Coming up with this kind of quality content can be daunting for a blog author, especially if he or she hopes to make a profit off the blog. One solution to creating quality content is to invest in a multi-author blog. A blog that features a number of authors can have many advantages, but there are some pitfalls that you should watch out for as well.

Many Points of View Benefits Your Blog

The Online Work Network for Web Professionals (OWNWP) suggests that having a number of writers on a blog creates a better environment for the reader. In fact, one OWNWP reader asserted that reading posts from multiple authors about one subject allows him to further open his own mind and make decisions about the topic that are more well-rounded and informed. When your readers are able to see more than one point of view because you have a number of different authors posting on your blog, they are more likely to return to read future posts and possibly even click your affiliate links so that you make more of a profit.

Different Writing Styles Draw a More Diverse Audience

If you are the only author on your blog and a percentage of readers don’t prefer your writing style, those readers aren’t likely to return to read future posts. However, when you hire a number of authors to post about your blog topics, readers have a wider variety to choose from. They may even spend more time on your blog reading older posts from the authors they enjoy, and each link they click means more hits for your site. If you do choose to have multiple authors, try to choose a wide variety of writers that all have varying styles, from lighthearted to humorous to a more factual style. The Internet marketing site MarketinGene suggests that you reach out to bloggers that you enjoy reading to write for your blog. Not only will this draw a wider variety of readers, but it will also keep your blog from becoming stale. However, keep in mind that while having multiple authors on your blog will keep it fresh, it may have some disadvantages as well.

You May Lose a Personal Connection with Your Audience

If you have an established single-author blog with readers who are used to you reading and replying to their comments, then hiring multiple writers who don’t have that connection with your readers may make readers feel as if they’ve lost a personal connection with you. For some blog readers, one positive aspect of blogging is making connections with people who share their interests, and if they feel lost in a sea of multiple authors, they may look elsewhere to regain that connection. In order to prevent this, you can monitor and reply to reader comments and continue to maintain your connection with them.

Is a Multiple-Author Blog Right for You?

While the decision to have multiple authors is ultimately up to you, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons involved. Consider your blog’s style and audience before you reach out to other bloggers to write for you.

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