native advertising can kick up business for you


In recent years online advertising has been moving toward Native Advertising instead of simple display ads. The real trick is deciding how to create an effective native advertising campaign that really works.

Creating a small or medium-sized business, and then building it into a successful one is rife with challenges. The biggest challenge is finding a target audience for your product or service. You need a specific personality and style that attracts the right demographic for your business.

What is native advertising, anyway?

Simply put, it is advertising within content around the end-users experience. Rather than having a simple display ad off to the side that requires people to click on it so they can learn more, the native ad is placed within the content of an article related to the product.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation for a small business:

  • The product is for foot pain relief. How does the business tell a potential customer how and why the product is good for them?
  • The answer is to write an article about different causes for foot pain.
  • Within the article content there may be clickable links to the product that will solve the issue.
  • A would be customer looking for causes to their foot pain would click on the article in an SEO search engine that leads to this article. The article appeals to their need for pain relief and provides a call to action to either learn more about the product or purchase it.

Why is it a good idea to develop native advertising?

If your target audience tend to be computer savvy folks, it is a no-brainer to use native advertising online to drive business. They are already there for you, all you need to do is reel them in with how you can improve their lives.

The content you create should tell them more about how your business serves them with information about foot health (to stay with the above example), tips for better footwear for their active lives, ideas for activities they can do to improve their foot health (especially with your product), or provide case studies regarding their particular foot pain and how certain treatments (that you happen to offer) have helped those in the case study.

You need to find resources to help you understand your local demographics. You can also learn from local sources what types of campaigns have worked in the past.

When you talk to the local advertisers, publishers, and content creators you should provide them with all pertinent information so they can give you the right information for your target audience. It would do no good to advertise to a local dynamic that is not computer savvy, for example.

If you have current online methods that appear to at least keep you afloat but you are not seeing the type of growth you want or need to stay successful, you really need to take a look at native advertising. Content that is SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimized) will bring your target audience to you. Learning about keywords and how to use them properly within your content will improve your position on a given search engine.

See your business grow!

Native advertising is the wave of the future on the internet. Searchers and surfers like to read interesting content related to their hobbies and activities. Placing ads within the content in a subtle or not so subtle way will encourage readers to learn more about your business and drive business upward. Really good content and the promise of more quality content will bring readers and would-be customers back to your site whenever they want to learn more and get more of your product.

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