has facebook lost its charm for businesses?


In recent years social media was considered the best marketing method available, especially among small to mid-sized businesses. Lately, Facebook has perhaps lost some of its charm for businesses with its recent algorithm that essentially rewards higher quality content on business pages.

While that is perfectly reasonable among bigger businesses that can afford a team of workers who only focus on social media, smaller businesses can rarely meet those standards set within the algorithms. As a result, in the last year or so, many small businesses are leaving for social media that serves their needs better. But it doesn’t have to be the end of small businesses on Facebook if they adjust their strategies to meet this new algorithm.

Why are some businesses failing with Facebook?

It seems like such an easy thing to create a page for people to “like.” However, the work comes after the “liking” and unfortunately not all businesses have grasped this concept. One social media coach, Janet Fouts, elaborated on why she left Facebook and shared what she learned about it. Her take was that one must go into social media marketing with a plan and avoid potential pitfalls.

How can business regain organic reach with Facebook?

Businesses do not necessarily need to leave Facebook and find alternative social media to gain success. They may need to change their approach to Facebook marketing instead. The task for marketing to switch from merely creating social awareness to maintaining a relationship with those who like you.

Posting a couple of times a day will work better if you post with a direction and respond to comments and inquiries in a timely manner. Businesses also need to use data collected to see what is working and what is not. Taking that data in hand will enable them to develop effective strategies.

Are Target Audiences still present on Facebook?

Brands are seeing less success on Facebook due to a few issues that are related to recent changes made by Facebook. The algorithm mentioned earlier has made it challenging for marketers to keep their posts where readers can see them. They are essentially forced to constantly post to stay relevant enough to be seen on feeds, which in turn makes them become annoying to readers who don’t want to feel inundated by what they identify as advertising.

Facebook is starting to lose its luster among users, too. The influx of advertisements has caused many users to close their accounts and find other places to socialize over the internet. The people who remain on Facebook would appear to be okay with the recent changes on Facebook. Businesses that responded well to the changes and communicated with their target audiences retained their organic reach among consumers:

  • Businesses posted to their “friends” that the new algorithm may cause their posts to drop off, so they asked their friends to click on “get notifications” so that users would continue to see their posts.
  • Businesses also suggested to their friends that they can control their page better to receive feeds in a timely manner by clicking on “most recent.”
  • Successful businesses are using other methods in conjunction with their Facebook page by using other marketing means such as email and owned websites to keep up the dialogue with their target audience.

Is social media to blame for business failure?

It is easy to blame Facebook and any other social media for the failure of a business. Instead of blaming the lost charm of Facebook and other media, it is incumbent on the businesses to adjust to their strategies and methods for using social media platforms.

The internet is an organic thing. It will continue to change as it grows. Businesses that are aware of social media as a living thing will continue to grow with it.

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