getting used to twitter’s new design and platform changes


If you’re still trying to get used to Twitter’s new platform, you’re not the only one. Many users are lost in the mix of things, but that will change as you get used to the new design. Ironically, it seems that Twitter’s new platform bares a slight resemblance to its rival’s platform – Facebook. It’s still different, but there are a few similarities. The key aspects of these big changes are to make it easier for Twitter users to access the most engaging Tweets, photos, and videos.

6 of Twitter’s New Changes and What to Expect from Them

Here is a little break down of the new changes over on Twitter:

Focusing on Trends – It seems that Twitter has embraced the trend of sharing popular photos and videos. This is a trend that appears to be ageless, so Twitter wants to make it even easier for its users to share. They’ve already made it easier by enlarging videos and images, but now photos and videos have their own separate filter to make it even simpler for users. The ultimate goal of these changes is for photos and videos to completely stand out from the crowd.

Header and Profile Pic – Here comes yet another similarity to Facebook. With the new changes comes a larger profile photo and you’re also expected to choose a background header. Your background header on Twitter should be a minimum of 1500 pixels wide for best results.

Who to Follow – Choosing who to follow on Twitter is now on the right hand column of Twitter. This is just a minor change, but may appear confusing if you’re used to this information being on the left hand column.

The Best Tweet Wins – To make it easier to bypass unpopular tweets and access the hot trending tweets, the tweets with the most engagement are now highlighted and emphasized. Twitter wants to make it easier for users to access the most engaging tweets to provide a more enjoyable experience with their platform.

This is another similarity to Facebook. On Facebook, popular status updates or shared media with the most engagement is placed in the newsfeed under “Top Stories.” While this is considered a smart move by designers, many Twitter users are feeling left out.

Pinning Tweets – Twitter has made it easier for you to share your favorite tweets by pinning them at the top of your profile. However, you can only pin one tweet at a time. When changing tweets, Twitter offers a friendly warning that you’re about to remove the tweet that’s already pinned.

Filter Options – As with Facebook, Twitter now makes it easy for its users to filter tweets and get organized. You have the option of mixing all of your tweets together or organizing them in their own unique filter type.

Final Thoughts
If you’re wondering why you’re not able to access Twitter’s new look on your mobile phone, that’s because this change is only effective on the web. However, Twitter does plan on applying their new look to all mobile apps in the near future. If you’re not ready to embrace these new changes, Twitter allows its users to continue using their old profile instead.

The new platform is an option at the moment. It’s important to note that Facebook’s new platform started as an option as well, but led to a requirement. Change can be tough, but, honestly, your best bet right now is to learn to embrace the change.

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