delighting the customer: the number one goal of a business


Delighting a customer should always be a prime directive of any business. Customers who are not thrilled with how they are treated by a business likely are not going to remain customers. So, delighting a customer must be the number one priority of a business.

A very true statement in the world of business and entrepreneurship goes along the lines that a business is only going to be as successful as its customer service. The words alone reveal why this is so very true. Customer service refers to how you actually serve the customer. Those who are rude, flippant, unconcerned or inattentive to a customer are not likely going to see much repeat business.

Businesses can barely survive much less thrive when customers do not feel they are being treated well. Such is going to be the case with both traditional brick and mortar and online businesses.

Improving customer service can be achieved by instituting a few basic policies and laying down ground rules regarding how employees treat customers. The most important is to establish hard and fast rules about the acceptable means in which employees relate themselves to customers. Representatives of a company must never be rude, curt, or angry with customers. Yes, everyone experiences a bad day. When on the job though, professionalism is the order of the day. No matter what goes wrong, never lose the demeanor or the temperament of a professional. Treating customers poorly is a sure way to lose business. The inverse of bad treatment is what everyone dealing with the public should strive for. Always go out of your way to be cheerful and upbeat with customers. Doing so make a good impression which, in turn, means the customers are going to wish to remain patrons.

Customers will be equally thrilled when you respond to their concerns and inquiries in a timely manner. This means all phone calls must be returned and all emails answered. A lack of response is going to greatly frustrate those who are looking to replies. Not making a timely response may lead customers to believing their patronage is not valued. By responding quickly and eagerly, a business shows it high level of concern and interest in its customers. Those customers interested in patronizing a company are definitely going to feel more comfortable with one that offers effective lines of communication and thorough, timely responses.

Good communication always makes an equally good impression. Good communication does not just refer to quick responses. It also refers to how customers are spoken to. Proper etiquette in communications is a must. Putting someone on a speaker phone is quite rude. Eating while talking to a customer on the phone or in person is extremely rude beyond all acceptable norms.

One of the most inadvertent mistakes made when talking with a client is to use jargon. While managers and employees in a company might be familiar with insider terms, the general public rarely is. Speaking to customers with jargon heavy language is only going to lead to confusing them. While not the most egregious of actions to commit, customers do not exactly walk away delight them.

Last, never ever blame the customer. No matter what the circumstances might be, do not place blame on the customer. Doing so angers and annoys the customer which means he/she is just going to go elsewhere. When a problem arises, managers and employees should just own the issue and move forward to meet the customers requirements.

Follow these very basic steps is going to do a lot towards making customers feel a lot more delighted. Once again, that means they are primed to remain customers.

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4 thoughts on “delighting the customer: the number one goal of a business

  1. The one thing I want to comment on is the point where you essentially reinforce that “The customer is always right.”

    It’s far better to lose a few dollars in giving the customer that little extra something or even a small refund than it is to hurt your profits by accusing the customer of being wrong.

    Do this enough, and you’ll find that accusing the customer will reinforce a negative view of your company or franchise. This diminishes profits in the long run, while gaining back that lost positive PR will cost way more than just the few dollars you should have otherwise used to keep your customer happy and loyal to you.

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