creating loyal employees for company longevity


Getting your employees on the same page when it comes to sustaining the organization takes quite a bit of work the culture is not conducive to forming a team. Employees like to feel appreciated and valued, which goes a long way. What are some other ways to get employee buy-in to help sustain an organization? Here are a few ways to retain and keep your employees happy:

  • Compensation

Even with a small business, if employees are adequately paid for their services, it speaks volumes to the management of the organization. It’s saying that the company is paying a competitive wage to keep their best employees on board and they are worth it.

  • Flex Time

Employees who have the option of working from home or working half at home and half in the office are much happier and productive employees. This helps the employee cut costs on gas and travel time and gives them a break from the monotony of the office.

  • Training

Nothing says we value you and want to help you get to the next level more than training and educational opportunities. Companies that have management training programs and actually implement them have loyal employees that will spend their entire careers with the company. Offering incentives like tuition reimbursement for them to acquire an advanced degree also helps.

  • Office Environment

Offices where the employees feel like family go a long way. When there are pizza days, birthday cakes, and celebration drinks after winning a lucrative contract, employees feel like they were a part of creating something big to help the company move forward. This is one of the most important ways to keep employees. Offices with a great environment and working space are most likely to keep their best employees at the company.

  • Ownership

Giving an employee the chance to take ownership of their work without being micromanaged is important. When employees have the chance to demonstrate they are proficient at their jobs and their work is valued, they are very loyal to the company.

  • Outstanding leadership

When you have a leadership team that shows employees they care and are accessible, it creates a culture of respect. No one is better than the other and employees are viewed as colleagues rather than workers. You cannot buy that type of loyalty. Companies where the employees actually see the boss and upper level management rolling up their sleeves and paying attention to what the employees are doing goes a long way.

  • Benefits

Benefits go beyond health benefits. Companies that have memberships to fitness centers, employee assistance programs and offer little perks like discount tickets to movies, holiday bonuses and other little gifts go a long way.

  • Stock Options

Employees work harder and take a vested interest in a company that they have a piece of. Offering stock options as part of an employee incentive plan will keep everyone dedicated to the overall cause and mission of the company.

These are just a few ways to get employee buy-in to keep the company in top shape and sustain its life. Every employee is different, but having a value-added organization is priceless.

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