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Blogging started small and snowballed into a massive daily activity. Large, medium and small organizations, and individuals selling something and having something to say, all blog about their products, services or opinions. How to make your blog stand out from all the rest can be done, but it will take hard word and creativity.

Pay attention to design

The first thing visitors will notice about your blog is its design. Whether you use bold colors or pastels, choose an attractive layout and use an easy to read font.

Use attention grabbing headlines

What you’re going to blog about might be interesting, funny or shocking, but how will you get the attention of readers? Before posting, think of a headline that will make readers want to know more.

Valuable content

The chances that you’ll blog about something that’s never been blogged about are minimum, so try to be unique, funny or even controversial. Don’t be afraid of expressing your opinion, after all, this is your blog. Avoid dry fact stating though and content that goes on and on. Rather write two blog entries of 300 words each, than one 600 word entry. Use short paragraphs and whenever possible, use bullets.

Visual attraction

You’ve heard that a picture is word a thousand words … by incorporating photos, videos or sound, you’ll make your blog more attractive and easier for readers to identify with.

Make use of keywords

Are you familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords? Those words are vital for search engines to pick up on your blog and steer web browsers in its direction.

Blog regularly

Writing a blog post once a week is not going to get you noticed. For your blog to get a prime spot on the various search engines, you’ll need to blog regularly. Ideally every day, or even twice a day. Your readers will come to expect an update from you, so don’t disappoint them.

Accept guest bloggers

On days that you have nothing to blog about, it helps if you have guest bloggers. If these bloggers have a large following, your blog will reach new readers.

Arrange interviews

If you are connected with celebrities, well-known people or experts in the field you are blogging about, arrange to interview them and publish the interview on your blog. When you promote the entry, feel free to name drop.

Have a follow button

Make it easy for your readers to stay up to date with your blog. By placing a “Follow” button on your blog, readers can subscribe and automatically be notified when you published new content. Don’t hide the button. Make it big and make it in a contrasting color to your blog.

Create an email list

Not all people will take the initiative of following your blog. Make it easy for them to get updates by having an email list. You can send out a blast every time you write a new entry.

Promote your blog

Every time your make an entry in your blog, promote your work on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The more exposure you give your blog, the more viewers you will reach.

Comment on blogs

Visit other blogs and leave comments. Along with your comment, leave a link to your blog.

If it all seems a little overwhelming, it isn’t really. If you love writing and you’re passionate about the subject, blogging will come naturally.

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