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L-WT0709-cocacola-openresized-2Coca-Cola is a global beverage industry leader who takes saving the planet seriously. From their agricultural awareness, to beverage production, and new fleet emission reduction methods, consumers are recognizing them, every step of the way.

As a part of their 2020 Sustainability Commitments, Coca-Cola’s “Me, We, World” framework includes climate protection where they plan to “Reduce the carbon footprint of the drink in your hand 25%”. You can see this promise come to life as their Fleet CO2 emissions have decreased from 7.18 MMt in 2009 to 4.60 MMt in 2012.

As of date, Coca-Cola now operates the largest heavy-duty hybrid electric delivery fleet in the United States and Canada. Beginning in 2001, Coca-Cola started their green fleet initiative with only 20 hybrids manufactured with Eaton power systems. As you can see in this video regarding their hybrid delivery trucks, Coca-Cola has recently added 100 new hybrid service vans to increase their fuel-efficient options, bringing their fleet to 750 hybrid vehicles in North America.

Same Van, New Technology

One very important thing to note is that Coca-Cola is not retiring old vans making way for their hybrids. They are using XL Hybrids’ technology on their service vans. So, there is no waste. This makeover includes XL Hybrid’s Powertrain technology system that is installed on each of the existing service vans transmission systems. This makes it a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle. The results are amazing as each hybrid has a fuel reduction between 15 to 20 percent.

XL Hybrids hybrid electric powertrains seem simple. Their Powertrain helps store wasted energy during braking and applies it back during acceleration. This decreases fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions. However, it operates just as well and is dependable.

How Training Helps

Coca-Cola is serious about their investments. They train their drivers to now drive eco-friendly. Their drivers learn to use minimal braking techniques and change their gears early. They also teach better delivery routes. Their warehouses are reducing packaging weight as well.

Emission Reduction and Money Saving Techniques

In total, Coca-Cola expects a reduction of 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions with these new hybrids over their 10-year life span. These hybrids will save on fuel and maintenance costs.

Consumers and non-consumers alike appreciate the Coca-Cola Company globally, due to their growing sustainability efforts. They have partnered with some of the top organizations on a variety of projects dedicated to protecting our planet’s future.

Such projects include the Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability in which they work together with Michigan State University to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials. They collaborate with the International Finance Corporation to help finance women entrepreneurs. They also work on the project, the Plant PET Technology Collaborative with Ford, P&G, Heinz, and Nike to use 100% plant-based PET materials and fiber.

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