expand your brand’s influence with customer engagement


Many social media experts push how content marketing and social media networks influence an organization’s brand. A business will place great content, such as a blog post, with a call to action. But, what happens when a potential customer does land on your website? If they like what they see, they may have a few questions and need answers.

Unfortunately, your Q&A and FAQ pages do not provide the active engagement your customers need to make an informed purchasing decision. Here are 3 key ways to expand your brand’s influence with alternative customer engagement tools.

Use Your About Us and Product Pages

Having a FAQ or Q&A page is great to answer technical questions. It’s also great for self-directed customers. Many customers seek out these pages for help; but sometimes they are not giving a thorough enough answer.

The About Us page is an effective alternative page to post frequently asked information about your company. This vital page places final decision-making information in front of a customer.

Your product page should not only answer a customer’s question, but it should assist with closing the deal on a sale. A product page directs visibility to the exact information customers are searching for. It’s more user-friendly, so they do not have to search your entire website for answers.

Offer a Variety of Content

Having a variety of content available on your site is a great way to engage with your customers. The more interactive you design your content to be, the more information your customers will absorb. This cuts down on your customer service calls.

Your product page is not the place for complicated jargon. It should present information. You can have a tech sheet to go through the details. Other content to make available would be visual content such as infographics and simple diagrams.

Also, a step-by-step guideline is helpful on your site. Be sure that your readers can view it as one simple page via print, PDF download, or email it to themselves. Presenting your content via YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations are great tools to use for customer engagement. In this Forbes article, you’ll find the four core reasons customers are drawn to videos.

Explain Unique Situations through Whitepapers

No two customers are alike. They each will have a unique situation and reasons for needing your product and services. So to help target solutions, present whitepapers on your site. Whitepapers showcase a business’s expertise, present satisfied customer’s stories, and give product details.

Whitepapers are a way for customers to relate to your other customers using your product in their unique situation. To decipher your customer’s pain points, consult with your customer service department. These stem from their most commonly asked questions and customer complaint calls.

So, instead of presenting a bunch of information that is useless to customers, use your website as a tool to answer questions. The more information they receive beforehand, the faster it is for your business to seal the deal. Content marketing helps business’s brand grow. Utilizing your website in a strategic manner by anticipating questions will get you there faster.

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