the role of the marketing agency has changed


Brian Solis coined the term, “Adapt or die.” It’s the notion that brands must adapt to the Consumer Revolution, listen to the consumer, and start having more intelligent conversations (and relationships) with their customers.

I buy in to the Consumer Revolution. As a consumer, and as an agency representing brands.

But to buy in to this notion, you must also accept the ways in which agencies have changed (or need to quickly adapt).

Campaign Lifecycles

We didn’t start out with “always on” campaigns.  But to keep on evolving in this new online world, we have to start thinking of new stories. And we need those stories to embody longer-lasting campaigns – something you can build on for months or years.

Think about US Magazine and their mega hit, Stars — They’re Just Like Us! Or David Letterman’s Top 10 List.

Those brands have figured out a way to take one idea and make it live on for years – never growing old or tiresome, and always emulated.

Therein lies the value of the new campaign. There’s no start and no end. We’re always on.

User Generated Content (UGC)

While some brands cite the lack of control with user-generated content, others realize that it’s up to YOU to manage the perception of your brand.

How do you manage that?

  • Be authentic
  • Respond, create a dialogue
  • Look closer – can UCG be a part of your brand?
  • Listen more

Marketing agencies that are embracing the Consumer Revolution are realizing that conversing on social media provides a leg up for the brand – it’s not about studies and perceptions anymore.

Small Is The New Big

You often hear the little guy complaining that the big guy has all the clout (and Klout). But while the small fry may have a less defined brand, they also have more freedom.

Any brand can be multi-national with social media.

The biggest takeaway: No matter your size social media allows you to create intimate relationships with your audience.

So do that!

The Role Of The Enlightened Agency

Unfortunately, there’s no playbook for what is going to work. Whether you utilize in-house resources, or outsource your marketing efforts, you’ve got a fighting chance to adapt (and not die).

The most successful brands and agencies will place an emphasis on quality, original content. And as mentioned above, they will allow people closest to the brand (advocates) help create that content.

Remember, it’s less about the BIG idea and/or one-and-done campaigns, and more about smaller content that’s actionable.

Are you adapting? I’d love to know your thoughts on the new agency role – let me know in the comments section below.

See you in the social sphere!

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Invited author Brooke Ballard is the Chief Social Strategist and Founder of B Squared Media, she has seen a fundamental shift in business due to social media. How do businesses take advantage of this? Where do they start? Is social media for everyone? In-the-trenches social media experience helps B Squared Media answer these questions for companies seeking to formulate successful social strategies. Using tactics developed in her yearlong honors thesis study, Brooke helps bright and innovative entities develop social strategies around content curation, collaboration and conversation. Simply put: Think Conversation, Not Campaign.


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