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Social media marketing has a lot of commotion that it is the best form of marketing. So much, that it’s making small and medium businesses concerned with their advertising budgets. They have long been pro traditional marketing efforts, especially mom and pop shops. But, social media is affordable and many methods, perceived free. No business should in fact pull the plug on traditional marketing tactics – because they still work. Social media, in fact, enhances them.

Digital Advertising Is Not Always Viewed

Yes, you can direct a digital advertising campaign to a specific group of consumers. This does not mean they will pay attention to the ad. They can ignore the ad or be too busy scanning the page for what they are looking for. A traditional advertising method is there and can be much more entertaining to grasp their attention.

Consumers Hear Your Voice with Offline Marketing

Consider a public speaking event. You educate consumers and other business prospects. Afterwards, you have a meet and greet, shake hands, find out more about their pains or their business. You have made a face-to-face connection and gained a level of trust. Consumers can’t always gauge how trustworthy you are by how many “likes” and “retweets” a business has on their fan page.

Consumers will remember the discussion and the benefits you can provide them. Chances are, consumers will remember where they placed your business card or brochure. This is easy access to your website and email address and builds your brand awareness.

Remain on Consumers’ Minds

Traditional marketing works for every business. You need to identify how to gain your market’s interest. You want to be accessible to your customers. So if they learned about your business online, ensure they can learn more about you offline, and vice versa. Here are a few traditional methods of advertising.

  • Newspaper and magazines

Figure out whom you want to reach when advertising. For example, with newspaper advertisements, you may not want to cover an entire city, maybe a specific suburb will do. Place your ad in a magazine, so it will last and circulate longer. Place a clear call to action, such as “View this white paper for more information”. Have a landing page for that advert to track it. A QR code would be excellent to link your digital and offline marketing.

  •  TV and Radio

So, is the dawn of television advertising declining? Absolutely not. Consumers are reacting to television advertisements. Local advertisements go a long way; many still watch the news and popular evening programming. Think of how many seasons these shows have been on the air.

Your consumers are watching live because they are online discussing it with their peers. Radio advertising is an excellent method of advertising. Many travelers are listening while commuting to work and can’t miss their favorite radio segment.

  • Direct Mail

Direct mail pieces must also have a call to action. These can be creative pieces to attract the consumer’s attention, such as vibrant colors and unique shapes. Make it personal for them and offer value such as a discount. Visit our website and complete a questionnaire for a 20% off coupon.

  • Telephone

Using the telephone encourages engagement. It also offers the courtesy of allowing your prospective clients to decide how they wish to complete a survey – via the phone or online. Make sure they know about the value add you will deliver at the end of the survey if they provide their email address.

  • Guerilla Marketing

Yes, it sounds harsh, but guerilla marketing is a tactic to jump out at your potential clients. Billboards are everywhere and need content on them. Keep them entertaining. The same goes for bus stops and subway stations as those with long or difficult commutes are around them.

So as you can see, there are many ways to get in front of your potential customer. Think about how you have recently noticed one of these traditional advertising methods. It’s easy to remember because it felt more personal. Just because something is traditional, does not mean it’s outdated. Traditional advertising will never fade.

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