6 steps to a solid online brand reputation in 2014 and beyond


Before taking steps to build a solid online brand reputation, let’s start with the five key elements that make up a successful and strong brand reputation. As you already know, your brand is more than your logo and your name. Your brand is the message that you convey to your customers and to your audience. And it is the overall experience consumers have with your brand that solidify your brand’s reputation.

Five key elements to a solid brand include:

  • Standing up for what you believe in and having a mission.
  • Focusing on what makes your brand unique and what makes your brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Sending out clear and concise messages to your audience and consumers.
  • Consistency with your commitment to your brand’s message.
  • Continuing to build new relationships and maintain existing relationships with your brand’s community.

Now, you’re going to take these five key elements and tie them into the following six steps to create a solid online brand reputation. Always remember, your online reputation can make or break your brand’s reputation permanently. These three important values should also help you along your way to a solid online brand reputation: be yourself, stand out from the crowd and be honest.

6 Steps to a Solid Brand Reputation

Step 1 – Be a Positive Voice: The last thing that you want to do is chase consumers away by pushing products. Consumers are pretty swift these days and they can see right through the product approach. You won’t survive on social media if that’s the way that you decide to do business. Use your voice in a positive way in order to reach consumers. Be creative and always keep your messages positive and professional. Consider a gift giving campaign or a poll. By using your voice in a honest manner, you’re utilizing all five key elements to a solid brand reputation.

Step 2 – Tell a Story: Every brand should have a story and if your brand already has a story, then find a way to incorporate your brand’s unique story online. This will tie in the key element of “uniqueness.” If your brand doesn’t have a story yet, now’s the time to create one.

Step 3 – The Tried and True Timeless Logo: If your brand does not have a logo yet, then consider coming up with something that is unforgettable and stick with it. For example, could you imagine if McDonald’s one day decided to change their golden arches? It just wouldn’t be the same. You want a logo that consumers will always remember and will always connect to your brand.

Step 4 – Don’t be Afraid to Share Positive Reviews: Sharing positive reviews or feedback is not boasting. If anything, it solidifies your brand’s reputation. Find a way to showcase positive mentions, reviews and feedback on your brand’s website, blog or for advertising purposes. This will also create trust for new consumers. Many consumers frequently scope out reviews before making any purchase in today’s Internet savvy world.

Step 5 – Choose a Consistent Platform: If you have yet to create a website or blog, then it’s important to know that once you do, you’ll want to stick with it and maintain your platform of choice so as to not cause confusion for your audience.

Step 6 – Be Seen and Avoid Negativity: Now that you’ve created your online presence, you want to “be seen.” Another factor to take into consideration when it comes to your brand and the search engines is social media. The more recognized and shared your brand is via social media outlets, the better your search engine results will be. But always make sure to avoid negativity online at all costs.

Follow these six simple steps and you are guaranteed to build a solid brand reputation. If you have yet to get started on building your brand’s online reputation, please remember that these things can sometimes take time. So don’t get discouraged if it takes more time than you had hoped. Stay committed and consistent and you’ll see results before you know it.

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