selfies – the rise of our narcissistic behavior


Facebook and MySpace have coerced us to posting our profile picture in the beginning of the social media profile era. Most of us were not ready to share our personal photo with the world, lest known start showing ourselves on a daily basis. Nonetheless, we all have given in and posted our profile picture so friends and family can find us and link with us. However, what has happened over time?

Every day we are bombarded with photos loaded onto the internet for the world to see, sharing with friend and strangers who can access them. Images of us dancing, eating, driving to work, pursing our lips, throwing the peace sign up with our fingers, and who knows how – sleeping. These images, defined as the term “selfie”, are so popular, that the word “selfie” has made its way into our everyday language and the dictionary. Selfies are ingrained in our culture and leaves us guessing if it’s art or just plain narcissistic behavior.

The Beginning of Selfies

Although we may believe that selfies have started on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, selfies truly started back in 1839 by the photographer, Robert Cornelius. He created the first self-portrait. Since then, there have been many self-photos, family photos, and some of our fondest memories captured on film. With the social media sites appearing, it has been easy to post special events of our lives with a close encounter picture.

A New Market Has Developed Due To the Rise of Selfies

Selfies are a viral trend and of course, someone must profit. Every social media site has some way incorporated easy ways to load your selfie. Cellular devices integrate with software to enhance and edit your selfie. You can instantly upload your selfie to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and any other network. If you don’t believe me, hit share on a photo in your cell phone. The list is so long that I have to select see all.

To continue the popularity contests and growth of selfies, a next stage had to be born. For starters, in only a few short years of the selfies craze, you were able to take your selfies with a front-facing camera on your cell phone. Shuttur makes it easy to take the best selfies imaginable. So having self-selfie art is as easy as one – two – snap. Instagram has 15-second video selfies available. Snapchat has security features enabled so any, yes any, selfie can be loaded without cause for concern to travel the Net.

Why Are Selfies So Alluring?

What is our attraction to selfies? Why are they so alluring? Well, for one, a selfie is easy to do. There is no unloading and loading of exposure film to worry about. It’s easy to access, as we always have our camera phones on us. You also can snap your selfie with other electronics such as your iPad Air. Finally, who doesn’t want to have the perfect image of themselves? Selfies are delivered with no blemishes, have the perfect background, and is just simply you.

Is It Narcissism or the Window to The Soul?

Because we place so much thought into taking a selfie, it can seem as a work of art. There are poses and artsy imagery to be placed in the background to turn into gorgeous selfies. They are loaded just all too much for any moment in life; some that make us wonder who cares and why bother looking at the three that follow. There is a special attraction, though, such as a celebrity, for instance. What is it they truly do each day? We get an up-close and personal aspect of them, a sort of intimacy of their lives, if you will. Selfies can show the world your human side. Without the over exaggeration, a selfie can be the window to the soul.

As annoying as some selfies may be, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Toddlers even engage with taking selfies. So it has become the norm of our society, and taught generation to generation. As long as the technology exists and progresses, there will be more ways to promote our narcissistic behaviors. So in wondering if selfies are a work of art or just pure narcissistic behavior, we may find in a few short years, we will be studying the proper art form of selfies.

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