marketing to young adults by delivering value via mobile technology


Brands are starting to realize that their key target market for technology, consumer packaged goods, and retail lie with millennials. This is the young adult market aged 18 through 24. Brands realize that the way to connect to them is by using interesting and value added content, contributing to the greater good, and being aware of delivering this content via mobile networks. Millennials are not the typical shoppers or typical to market to.

Deliver Value

First, brands must realize that when marketing to the youth, they need to market fresh ideas that offer them value. This information must be easily accessible, such as on mobile networks and social media sites.

Millennials are not looking to be pampered or treated like children. Many are young professionals. Although you are targeting them to make a purchase, they do not want to be treated as such. They want to be valuable.

So brands should build a relationship and trust by delivering an outstanding product so they become loyal to your brand. This is done by educating them through videos, providing information on content portals, have quality eBooks available on your website, and provide infographics on topics that matter the most.

Use Engaging and Entertaining Content

It’s important to catch the millennials attention. This can be done if you target a topic or activity they are passionate about such as music. It should come across entertaining, or else, they will most likely ignore the content you are trying to deliver.

One key way to engage and entertain with millennials is to tell the story behind the brand. This story should bring about an emotional connection – one that will bring about loyalty and be far from being forgotten. If you engage with them, they will share via social media sites, blog about it, forward emails, and leave positive reviews when possible.

Understand the Youth Are Environmentally Aware

One thing some organizations fail to realize is just how environmentally aware our young adults are. Part of this awareness actually stems from them being price conscious. They want affordable products and see the value that going green can bring. It’s also the “in-thing” to be connected with philanthropy. So brands that show they are giving back without being overly flashy will be able to engage and gain loyalty. The youth will be a part of your organization that contributes to society.

Being Mobile is Smart

The young adult market is interested in receiving instant gratification, and that means they want to be the first to know about a new service or product. Businesses that conform to mobile advertisements, texting, and engaging platforms are able to connect with the millennials best. If they are not optimized for mobile, emails will be deleted and sites will not be visited.

The millennials are high earners and busy young adults. They are energetic, tech savvy and great multitaskers. They adapt easily and want new apps that will increase their productivity and ways to shop smart. If they see something of interest, they are using their smartphones to assist them in saving time and money. According to a 2013 Zogby Analytics poll commissioned by Cisco regarding tech savvy shoppers, over 95 percent of their participants are looking for discounts and coupons via their smartphone apps and text messages. They are also performing price checks and ordering out of stock items while in the stores.

As the buying power increases for young adults, brands can’t ignore them. They must target them the best way possible, and that is through engagement via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, treating them as the valuable consumers that they are, and providing them with new technology applications to make them more aware and shop smart. This is the key to gaining a major portion of their spend.

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