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In order for your company to truly embrace social media, you must take advantage of as many social networks as possible that fall within your audience’s reach. A mistake companies often make is focusing on one particular social channel at a time, causing them to miss opportunities to promote and engage across multiple channels. Once you have built the perfect campaign on a channel, you should then consider how to make it just as great across all social media sites. These four steps are a great start at revamping and increasing your social engagement.

  1. Cross Promote Across Multiple Channels

Cross promoting across multiple channels is a huge win for companies. For one, not all of your customers will be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Every person has his or her favorite channels. However, you can cross promote each social media network within the other. Each channel allows your customers to interact in a specific way, such as pinning your product’s image, which in turn can lead traffic to your company’s blog. A press release could be shared on LinkedIn, which could then be tweeted on Twitter.

  1. Allow Consumers to Connect

Remember, your brand really isn’t about you. It’s about your customers. You are their common interest and the various social media platforms should be their gateway to express their opinions regarding your brand. Help them connect to share stories and experiences. Outside of the social media channels, another popular medium for connecting would be a forum on your website. As Forbes points out in Why Retailers Need to Focus on Mastering Customer Data, when consumers share their interests, it provides insightful information to aid a company in identifying with their target market. Be sure to engage with them on the forum as well.

  1. Have Fun with Your Audience

Yes, you are marketing your products and services to a targeted group of people, but you also must remember to show your human side. Campaigns are brought to life through social engagement. Don’t just advertise your product on a daily basis. Ask engaging questions to get the conversation going.

  1. Encourage Your Customers to Deliver the Message for You

Your customers will always have something to say about your brand. Some of them go as far as to blog or create videos about it. Once you are aware of this, this is the perfect opportunity to increase your social media engagement. You can encourage your customers to deliver your messages simply by reposting their content. Imagine how far your recognition of a customer can go due to friends and family sharing the content, spreading the word about your company.

As you can see, you have to get creative across all channels, and speak to your audience. Each social media site encourages communication, but the methods of doing so differ from one platform to another. Maximize your presence on the social channels to expand your reach. You’ll soon be able to accurately judge your campaigns by targeting the various behaviors of your customers on each site.

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