prepare your business for the new year with these marketing tips


With the rapid and steady approach of 2014, time is ticking down and now is the time to prepare or put the finishing touches on your business’s marketing plan for the New Year. Leverage lessons learned from 2013 as you put your best foot forward making slight key adjustments within your organization. Marketing experts within the marketing industry have experienced many fundamental changes in the marketing industry in the past several years.

Changes within the marketing industry that include but are not limited to the emergence of social media, real-time analytics, customer centered and driven marketing due to the fact that the customer is now in control. And even though these marketing experts have risen to the occasion with all of these many changes, you’ll want to be thoroughly ready to take on 2014 making it one of your best years.

Every year, you should vow to make the next year your best year ever. By approaching the New Year with the right attitude, you’ll only see the best as a result of your efforts and hard work. Take heed of any pitfalls that you faced this past year and coordinate a plan to avoid future pitfalls. Leverage those successes and take stock of your brand’s message, as well as your company’s present marketing techniques and efforts as you plan for the New Year.

8 Steps to Help Prep Your Business’s Marketing Plan for 2014

Step 1 – Set Goals:  As always, it’s important to begin by goal setting for your 2014 marketing plan. Ask yourself what the goals of your company are for the year. Lead generation, sales, conversions, email sign ups, raising awareness, etc.? When setting goals, it’s also important to know where your brand stands and remember to be consistent, as well as ready to roll with the punches that you may face in 2014.

Step 2 – Create a Marketing Calendar:  Now that you’ve defined your 2014 marketing goals, create a 2014 marketing calendar for your business and schedule your company’s goals on your new marketing calendar for more motivation and incentives.

Step 3 – Eliminate the Channel Mindset and Become 100% Customer Centered:  If you’re not already 100% customer centered and driven, then now is the time to ensure that you eliminate the mindset of marketing through a “channel” instead of marketing to the customer. The customer is the main priority – not the channel. If you find that people within your organization still have the “channel” mindset, then it’s time for some good housekeeping and reorganization to change that mindset. It’s time to fully integrate traditional marketing with digital marketing.

Step 4 – Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource:  Outsourcing may very well become your company’s friend this year, so don’t be afraid to outsource if your company is over-worked in-house. You may want to make decisions on strategic outsourcing a part of your goal setting in Step 1. Decide which needs for your company that you prefer done in-house, and which needs you wouldn’t mind outsourcing.

Step 5 – Hiring:  When hiring new employees this year, considering hiring not just based on the candidates skills and length of history alone, but on how they approach and engage customers, as well. Attitude should play a large role in hiring decisions. And don’t be afraid to hire risk-takers.

Step 6 – Evaluate and Embrace Data:  Thoroughly evaluate company date from the past year and then use that knowledge to drive new strategies and investments for 2014 when launching a new service or product, for example. Data knowledge is crucial and key to any marketing plan.

Step 7 – Leverage Social Media:  Get your social media team revamped and ready to take on 2014 with a strategic plan of action. Fully embrace social media and make sure that it plays an important role in your company’s advertising. Social media marketing allows you to humanize your brand and better connect with consumers and customers.

Step 8 – Don’t Forget the Budget:  Last but not least, make sure to carefully map out your company’s marketing budget for the year to allow for flexibility. Give your marketing budget room to move around if it needs to. Some of your organizations marketing plans may turn out larger or smaller than originally thought as the market itself moves.

We hope that these 8 tips assist you with preparing or putting the finishing touches on your company’s 2014 marketing plan and budgets. And cheers to many successes in the New Year!

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