green business resolutions for 2014


This New Year while everyone is busy making their New Year’s resolutions, why not make a resolution to clean up your business and make 2014 a greener year! Start the year off right by making a vow to do whatever you can to reduce your company’s carbon footprint in the world.

There couldn’t be a better time to get things going with the inclusion of sustainable business practices than the New Year, because the New Year is full of new beginnings. Going green is becoming more main-stream by the minute, so if you’re not green yet, shouldn’t you be?

Save the planet and reduce your organizations energy bills!

Turn Your Business Green in 2014 with These 12 Green Business Tips

Make the Switch to Compact Fluorescent Lights: If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to switch every light bulb within your business over to CFL’s, also known as compact fluorescent lighting. CFL’s last on average up to eight years and use 75% less energy compared to traditional lighting measures. CFL’s are available in a wide-variety of sizes and shapes to meet all of your business’s needs.

Mugs and Glasses vs. Paper Cups: Encourage employees to bring their own mugs and glasses, or supply these things for employees that way they can be reused, instead of buying paper cups.

BYOD: BYOD, also known as “bring your own device,” is the latest business trend which allows employees to utilize their own electronic devices such as mobiles and computers to get their work done. According to CISCO, about 88% of IT departments have gone green with this measure. This saves an organization from having to supply computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. and to cut down on the need to produce these items for their company.

Recycle: Every business should practice recycling. If your business doesn’t recycle, then now is the time to start implementing recycling measures and to encourage employees to also do so. When recycling, consider recycling old company records and inventory as well. When recycling items such as company records and old inventory records that you no longer need, consider green paper shredding measures to recycle these types of things.

Turn Off Computers: If your business does in fact supply computers to employees on-site, then turn off all computers at the end of the business day to save energy and to reduce your energy bill.

Seek Out Renewable Energy Resources: If your business can afford to do so, then consider seeking out renewable energy options other than electricity such as solar-powered energy, etc.

Only Buy Energy Star Products: When buying any type of appliance or electronic device for your business, only buy Energy Star products. This will save energy and reduce the cost of your utility bills.

Encourage Carpooling: Encourage employees to carpool if they’re able to. Carpooling reduces carbon emissions.

Use Green Packaging: Make sure that your company uses green products and green packaging measures for all of its packaging needs. This includes using shredded paper instead of Styrofoam, and making sure that your company uses appropriate box sizes to avoid material waste. Material waste includes using an oversized box and needing more cushioning with non-green packaging items such as Styrofoam, etc.

Sustainable Design: If your company plans on making any renovations during 2014, then make these new renovations green by using green materials.

Reduce Paper Waste: Reduce your business’s paper waste by going electronic for as many things as you can such as inventory, electronic billing, electronic records keeping and management, company cards, e-mails, notifications, etc. Reduce paper waste as much as possible.

Partner with Green Suppliers: Make sure that your suppliers are onboard with your green measures and that they too share the same goals that your company shares when it comes to going green.

Stay Up-to-Date on Green Business News: Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest green innovations for businesses, so you know when and if there’s anything additional that you can include within your company’s sustainable business practices.

Educate Employees and Stakeholders: Keep employees and stakeholders educated on the importance of your business becoming a more sustainable, green, business both now and in the future. And educate them on your goals, as well as the measures that you’re already implementing or plan on implementing in the near future. This will ensure that everyone within the organization is encouraged to practice these green measures, making your company greener for the New Year.

Make your business green in 2014 with these 12 Green Business Tips!

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2 thoughts on “green business resolutions for 2014

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  2. Hi Randy, loved the post! I would like to comment on reducing paper waste and using sustainable solutions when you cannot use electronic means. When you do print, it is important to reach out to businesses that are doing so with recycled materials, that are offsetting carbon emissions and using eco friendly inks. This can make a very impactful set of habits a bit less so, and every little bit helps if you are asking me. Thanks again for the great article! Do you mind if we share this with our social media fans?
    (Fair warning, I am biased, lol:

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