give the gift that keeps on giving – have a green christmas


Going green is important year-round, but it becomes especially important during the holidays due to the fact that between November and December Americans produce 25% more waste than the amount of waste that is normally produced. Considering the amount of waste produced before and after the holidays, this speaksvolumes. There are many things that you can do now to become more eco-conscious and to practice sustainability more effectively this holiday season.

7 Holiday Sustainability Tips to Make the Season Greener

#1) Manufacturing and Shipping:  Tis the season to look into your company’s green manufacturing and shipping practices. You’ll want to ensure that your supplier’s practice sustainability and consider the evaluation of all manufacturing materials, shipping supplies, and green products, etc. that your suppliers use, as well as evaluating your own to see if there’s anything that you can do to make things a bit greener.

More things to consider are reusing boxes when you can, using shredded paper instead of plastic bubble wrap or Styrofoam for packaging, and also whether or not your company is using the appropriate box sizes to ship products and goods. This will help to eliminate unnecessary waste.

#2) Holiday Decorations:  Fortunately, when it comes to holiday decorations these are things that you can reuse year-after-year. However, when it comes to holiday lights, more-and-more people are beginning to use LED lights to decorate with instead of traditional holiday lights thanks to their energy-saving effects. Save the planet and your energy bills by using LED lights.

#3) Sustainable Energy:  Is your business doing enough to conserve energy? Take everything energy related within your business into consideration and evaluate whether or not there’s anything more that your company can do to reduce energy waste.

#4) Holiday Trees:  Unfortunately, each year in the United States during the holidays, 50 million trees are purchased. Out of that 50 million, 30 million end up in a landfill. You can avoid this excessive waste by either using an artificial tree or consider the latest trend for the holidays of “potted pines.” An artificial tree is something that you can use year-after-year.

With potted pines, you decorate the tree for the holidays and once the holidays are over you can then plant the tree in the spring. So instead of cutting down trees, you’re planting and growing a new tree! And don’t forget that when it comes to artificial trees there are many great artificial trees that look just like a real tree.

#5) Gift Giving:  Tis the season to be jolly, spreading good cheer and giving gifts. If you’ve decided to give gifts to your employees to show appreciation for all of their hard work throughout the year, then consider giving environmentally friendly gifts or at the very least make sure to wrap the gifts in environmentally friendly wrapping paper and bags, etc.

#6) Party Invitations and Holiday Cards:  When sending out party invitations and holiday cards to employees this year, consider sending out holiday emails instead as well as sending out party invitations via the world-wide-web. This will effectively eliminate paper waste; not to mention that it will also save you some precious time, too!

#7) Holiday Parties:  When planning your company’s annual holiday party, consider purchasing only environmentally friendly and biodegradable products such as green plates, cups, utensils. Tis the season to waste food…avoid food waste by dividing leftovers among departing party goers. And avoid excessive gas emissions by encouraging employees to carpool if the event is at an off-site location.

Remember that when it comes to sustainability, that a little bit really does go a long way. Do your part and encourage others to do their part and let’s make this holiday season a greener one! Happy Holidays!

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