strategic content marketing tips for 2014


As 2013 rapidly begins to come to an end, content marketing is alive and well. And now’s the time to start preparing your content marketing strategy for 2014. Gone are the days of expecting consumers to support a brand with one-way marketing techniques.

It is now a necessity for marketers to learn how to hone the craft of content marketing if they haven’t done so already to better connect with consumers. Consumers now rely on the value of content when researching a company or product, so start the New Year off right by planning the best content marketing strategy that you can have for yourself and your business.

Set achievable goals for your brand this year and make 2014 one of your best years and a year full of great successes by following these simple content marketing tips:

Set Target Audience and Distribution Goals:  When sitting down to plan your 2014 content marketing strategy, one of the first things that you’ll want to do is set your target and distribution strategy and goals. You’ll want to know who the target audience is and how to reach them.

You’ll reach them through your content, so you really want to know them. Other aspects of your target and distribution strategy should include where to reach your audience and specific calls-to-action that you’d like to achieve.

When planning “how” to reach them with your content, you’ll also want to add online advertising into your marketing plan such as various advertising formats and methods; both paid and free forms of advertising. Which platforms do you want to reach them through? Traditional online publishing environments or social media network platforms, etc.?

Master All Aspects of Advertising:  You want your content to resonate with your target audience through all of your advertising methods, but particularly your paid advertising formats, ensuring greater success. Why pay for advertising if you’re not going to actually reach and connect with consumers, right?

Let’s get it right from the start of the year, so next year when you’re planning for 2015, you’ll have many achievements to look back on. Consider each key element that goes into paid advertising such as images, headlines, descriptions, etc.

Paid Audience Targeting:  With great SEO and robust content you can easily reach your target audience without having to advertise; they’ll find you through the search engines thanks to your masterful SEO skills.

But when it comes down to paid advertising, there are many platforms that allow you to pay to reach specific target audiences, which again, is why it’s important to know your target audience. You don’t want to pay to target the wrong audience, reaching no-one.

Retarget Advertising:  From time-to-time you should consider retargeting paid advertising ads to reach various subsets of your brand’s audience, taking into consideration consumption patterns and the age or gender of your audience, for example.

Remain Relevant:  Always make sure that your content stays relevant and on top of its game. Remember, content is king. You’ll ensure that your content and brand remains relevant with things like research, reviews, and case studies, etc.

Evaluate Results with Analytics:  From time-to-time take the time to evaluate your methods with results to connect the dots as to which methods seem to get better results and are more beneficial to your brand. During this evaluation process, you’ll take into consideration things like conversions, leads, and sales, etc.

Start the New Year off on the right foot in 2014 with powerful content marketing that will truly resonate with your target audience by following these easy content marketing tips and cheers to a new year full of great success and achievements!

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